Kitchen underfloor heating - May 14, 2014 by Anna

If you are renovating your kitchen, adding underfloor heating is a touch of luxury and if you are self-building, you should definitely add it to your specification as the build stage is the perfect time to include the required insulation with the most suitable system before the floor height is established.

Kitchen underfloor heating

In this article we’ll explain:

  • Why you should have it in your kitchen
  • The best systems to use
  • The average running costs

Why install underfloor heating in your kitchen?

For most of us the kitchen remains one of the warmest rooms in the house – it’s where we cook after all. But like any room, we want the heat to be evenly distributed and comfortable, especially in winter when it’s needed. A warm floor adds a real touch of luxury on a cold and frosty morning in those colder months, and because it runs at lower temperatures than conventional radiators it eliminates stuffiness. Getting rid of radiators will also free up valuable space.

What are the most suitable systems?

If you are refurbishing your kitchen and don’t want to raise the floor height then the electric loose wire system is most likely to be your best choice. This will have minimum effect on your overall floor height as the wire is only 2mm thick and can be tiled straight over. For bigger kitchens, the matting product would be the quickest and easiest to install – either way remember to allow for insulation to speed up heating times and cut down the underfloor heating cost.

For self-build projects, a wet system may be a better option as it is embedded in the sub-floor. It is connected direct to the boiler (via a dedicated manifold) or another heat source and it reduces the running costs even further. Depending on your personal preferences could be your best option.

Heating from less than £23 per year

The running costs will be determined by the size of room being heated, but here is a guide to give you an idea: for a kitchen approx. 4m sq. using an electric underfloor heating system running 2 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the evening the cost would be approx. 12p per day, which is only £22.25 for the year if you use it for 182 of the coldest days. The costs are based on 11.61p kWh.

The advanced, easy to use thermostats available these days allow total control all year round. To get a quote for the system in your kitchen now, fill in a quick quote.


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