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Cannons Close, UK

Cannons Close, UK

Cannons Close, UK
Project type
Project location
London, UK
Project size
Heating system
264 metres of Warmup Snow Melt Cable, 25W/m
and ETO2 controller
System specifications
  • Warmup Snow Melt Cable
  • ETO2 controller

The Challenge

3 large mansions and a block of 5 apartments at Cannons Close were designed around the lifestyles of their resident’s. Safe parking ramps were of the upmost importance to the development. The challenge for Warmup was to ensure that all steep parking ramps would remain frost and ice-free even in the coldest months of the year.

The Solution

Simple, Warmup installed the Snow Melt Cable; a sturdy electric underground heating cable attached to a heavy-duty mesh that is put beneath the concrete ramps to gently heat the surface and prevent frost from settling. This was accompanied by a Warmup ET02 controller – using temperature and humidity sensor readings, the controller provides economic control of the heating system.

The Result

This installation has provided a permanent solution to the problem the developer was facing regarding the steep parking ramps.

Product information

Snow Melt Cable

ETO2 controller


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