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Estadio de Santiago Bernabéu, Spain

Estadio de Santiago Bernabéu, Spain

Estadio Santiago de Bernabéu
Project type
Project location
Madrid, Spain
Estadio Santiago de Bernabéu
About the Client
World famous 5 star rated sports stadium. Best known for being home to the Real Madrid football team.
Heating system
Electric Underfloor Heating
System specifications
  • Warmup 140W/m2 Foil Heater
  • Warmup 6mm Insulated Underlay
  • Warmup 10mm Coated Insulation
  • Warmup XSTAT-W Thermostats
The Challenge

The VIP boxes at the Estadio Santiago de Bernabéu regularly host some of the most prestigious names in football, fame and their entourage. Each VIP box is 7m2 in size, meaning Warmup had to provide the best solution to deliver maximum comfort whilst eliminating radiators and freeing up room space.

The Solution

To accommodate the wooden floors in the rooms, Warmup Foil Heaters were installed. These were laid onto Warmup Insulation Boards to maximise heat retention within the room. The exclusive Warmup XSTAT thermostats were carefully selected in white to match the colours of the Real Madrid team.

The Result

The prestigious visitors are now able to enjoy the games in an unstuffy, comfortable environment with radiant floor heating in all parts of the room. The Estadio Santiago de Bernabéu now have more freedom to design their VIP boxes to best accommodate their guests.

Product information

Foil Heater

Insulation Board


Technical Information

The fibre reinforced foil is wrapped around a thin multi strand, dual core heating cable that is insulated with an advanced fluoropolymer.

This robust combination allows us to offer our lifetime warranty with full confidence in the products performance and its ability to provide years of maintenance free heating.

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