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Shree Laxmi Temple, Birmingham

Shree Laxmi Temple, Birmingham

Shree Hindu Temple
Project type
Project location
Birmingham, England
Geotek Heating Ltd
About the Client
Geotek Heating Ltd are private heating contractors, offering professional plumbing services.
Heating system
Hydronic Underfloor Heating
System specifications
  • Warmup Metro Rail System
  • Warmup PE-RT pipe, Stainless Steel manifold and pump mixer kit
  • Warmup S-range Thermostat

The Challenge

The Community Centre required a heating solution that was both efficient and safe for people of all ages. The client needed an inscreed solution for the concrete subfloor; making it suitable for almost any floor finish. In particular where the flooring (wood, carpet or vinyl), may be occasionally replaced in a high-traffic community centre.

The Solution

The Warmup Metro Rail system was specified for use within the Shree Laxmi Temple because of the speed and precision of which the pipe could be fitted. The pipe was clipped into the Metro Rails, which were laid over Metro PIR insulation and an accompanying DPM layer.

The Result

The PIR insulation helped achieve an efficient and comfortably heated temple that will be enjoyed by many people for generations to come.

Product information

Metro Rail System



Technical Information

Warmup Metro Insulation is available in a range of thicknesses from 25mm to 100mm in both EPS and PIR variants to help your project comply with building regulations.

The clips on the Metro Rails enable pipe to be installed at any spacing, in multiples of 50mm, with flow and return pipes installed at 25mm centres by staggering a pair of rails.

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