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Warmup Inscreed Cable System

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The Inscreed Cable System is designed for use within a screeded floor construction.

Can the Inscreed Cable System be laid directly onto insulation material? (i.e. single pour)

Yes, if you use cement-faced or foil-faced insulation boards suitable for electric underfloor heating such as the Warmup Insulation Boards.

How thick is the screed used with the system?

The Warmup Inscreed Cable is designed to be placed within a screed of at least 50mm in thickness. The exact floor build up depends on the insulation materials in the subfloor – please see the installation manual for full details:

Can the Inscreed Cable System be shortened?

Never shorten the Inscreed Cable. You must ensure that the correct size is installed into the area. We have a large range of sizes to choose from.

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