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The world’s first fully interactive, touch technology, energy-monitor thermostat features an easy-to-use interface, eliminating complicated instruction manuals.

Why is my 3iE coming on during off periods?

On the initial set up a set back temperature should have been set, this is temperature that you would like the underfloor heating to drop down to during the off periods. The setback temperature is the temperature the system drops down to when you do not wish the heating to be on. If the setback …

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How many sensor settings does the 3iE have?

Warmup’s 3iE® offers a choice of three sensor settings. These include an air, external and floor sensor setting to allow more accurate control of your underfloor heating system.  

What is Active Energy Management?

The 3iE thermostat features energy-monitoring functionality called Active Energy Management. This can save you up to 10% or more on your energy bill using a graphical display which shows you exactly how much energy you are using. The thermostat can prompt you to choose the best and most efficient temperature for your room; offering substantial …

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What Does Heater Error mean on the 3iE thermostat?

There are a number of reasons why the “Heater error” message is displayed: A contactor (external relay ) has been fitted The thermostat will display this error as the current sensor cannot detect a heater(s). The 3iE will still operate as normal but will constantly display the error. The 3iE has been wired up incorrectly  …

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Can I upgrade my 3iE to a 4iE?

Yes, the box and mounting requirements are identical and the sensor is compatible. Click “Read More” for details. 

What does “ER1” on the thermostat display mean?

The ER1 message will also occur if no floor sensor is connected to the thermostat. Have your electrician make sure that the sensor probe wires are securely connected in ports 1 and 2 of the thermostat. If sensor was not installed, your thermostat can be programmed to read the air temperature instead by following the steps below.

My thermostat reads error message “ER2” on the display?

The ER2 message will occur if the floor sensor has a short circuit or has a loose connection. Click “read More” for details.

Why can’t I program my 3iE to read air temperature?

If you have set the floor type to any kind of floating floor, a safety feature in the thermostat will not allow you to increase the target temperature any higher than 81 degrees. Click “Read More” for details. 

Does the 3iE have a battery backup?

In the event of a power outage, the capacitor will hold the charge for approx 1 hour, after which time the device will require re-programming.

Where do I connect the earth from the underfloor heating ?

The earth wire of the heater(s) must be directly connected to the earth wire of the supply.

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