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How do I set the setback temperature on the Warmup konekt app?

Konekt Wireless Controls

In this how to video we show you how to set the setback temperature on the Warmup konekt app.

  • In the menu panel, select “More” then “Heating Profiles”
  • Select “Alternative profile 1”
  • Click the profile of the day you wish to alter the setback temperature for
  • Then select the base temperature value to view the dial
  • Click and drag the dial to alter the temperature value
  • Anti-clockwise will decrease the temperature, clockwise will increase the temperature
  • Once happy, click the back arrows to return to the profile overview
  • To copy the new profile, just click and hold the day and select the duplicate icon in the top right-hand corner
  • Then select the days you wish to repeat these settings for and click “confirm”
  • Once finished, click the tick in the top corner to confirm changes then the back arrow to return to the menu