Insulation FAQs

What is the purpose of the Dual Overlay System?

The Warmup Dual Overlay is a free-floating system designed for use over the Warmup foil heaters. Its purpose is to give a smooth and seamless subfloor, suitable for soft and resilient floor finishes, such as vinyl and carpet.

Do I need glue or adhesive to stick the base board and the top board together?

The baseboard and top board are both provided with a contact adhesive which bonds them together. No additional glue or adhesive should be used.

Can the top boards of the Warmup Dual Overlay be laid straight down onto base boards following the same pattern?

The top boards stick directly to the base boards. However, it needs to be ensured that each layer is laid out with staggered joints and arranged so that the top boards overlap the joints in the base board. This ensures a stable floating floor on top of the foil heaters.

Why should I use insulation boards on a concrete base?

The way the insulation boards are fixed to the subfloor depends on the base type. On a concrete base, the insulation boards are put down with a suitable flexible tile adhesive. The boards should be laid with staggered joints and once the flexible tile adhesive hardens, the joints should be re-enforced with glass fibre tape. …

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