Thermostats and Apps FAQs

When making the electrical connections to the thermostat, how many heaters can I fit into the terminals before needing a junction box?

Ensuring the total load does not exceed the maximum rating of the thermostat, two heaters can be connected before requiring a junction box.

Can I install a thermostat myself?

While underfloor heating installation can be completed by a competent DIY, thermostats require electrical work which must be completed by an electrician. All wiring and electrical work must be completed by a qualified and certified electrician only.

The heaters total more than 16 amps, is it still possible to use one thermostat?

Thermostats can be used to control underfloor heating totalling more than 16 amps if a contactor and RC unit are used in the circuit. Please seek advice from a qualified and certified electrician or our technical team on this type of installation.

How many Warmup mats or panels can I connect to one thermostat?

Our programmable 3iE energy-monitor thermostat has an amperage limit of 16 amps. You can connect as many mats or panels needed as long as the amperage doesn’t exceed this limit.

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