4ie smart wifi thermostat

Smarter. Better. Independent. ™

For radiator and underfloor heating systems.




Smart Overrides, weather and traffic alerts

Intuitive control of your heating & energy monitoring

Smart Overrides make it quick and easy to control your heating if you are running late or having an early night. The 4iE also offers energy monitoring with graphical displays of energy usage, temperatures and costs and there is no need to reprogram if your routine changes.


You can set the 4iE to learn how to use your heating. It will then automatically suggest ways for you to save energy.

Personalised for you

The 4iE offers unique customisation by allowing you to upload a personal photo background. Upload a photo background and choose WarmApps™, weather forecasts and travel updates, for your homescreen.

Customise the look of your 4iE

Change the look and feel of your 4iE with custom, changeable, textured covers.
In partnership with FireFlex Vinyls.

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No links to energy suppliers

Finds you lower energy prices

Save up to an additional £210

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), an estimated 13.5 million households – all with both gas and electricity supply, could save at least £210 a year when swtiching energy supplier.

Warmup is independent from energy suppliers so the 4iE works automatically to find you better energy prices from alternative suppliers.

Control from anywhere

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to control your heating by logging into your MyWarmup™ account.

The 4iE gives you more control - it allows you to evaluate your energy usage and optimise your temperature settings.


The 4iE comes in Onyx Black and Bright Porcelain
to match the décor of your home

Onyx Black Bright Porcelain

For radiator and Underfloor Heating systems

Electric Underfloor

Use the 4iE with Warmup electric underfloor systems up to 16A

Hydronic Underfloor

The 4iE works perfectly with Warmup hydronic underfloor heating systems

Central Heating

Compatible with system and combi boilers with switch live (230VAC) input

Built with trade professionals in mind

Ease of installation and control

Installs like a traditional thermostat

The 4iE uses a standard 35mm deep back box to house connections behind its stylish facia. It is installed just like a traditional three-wire thermostat and therefore easily replaces existing controls – including covering fixing holes from old thermostats without the need for additional plates. Once installed, WiFi connection can be completed by the homeowner along with the intuitive and easy to understand programming.

Professional features

  • Self guiding screw terminals prevent driver skipping

  • Two piece design and wireless software updates to reduce call-backs

  • WiFi can be set up by the homeowner, no troubleshooting required


(H/W/D): 90 x 110 x 18mm


Air and floor/ambient (can be extended to 50m)

Installation depth

35 mm back box

IP rating


Er-P Class



3 years with Extended Lifetime Warranty available
The 4iE requires 230VAC power at all times
Compatible with electric and hydronic underfloor heating systems up to 16A
Compatible with Combi and System boilers with Switch Live (230VAC) input
For lower voltage, or volt-free systems, a contactor must be used

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