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Multi-Bar Ladder Towel Rails

Perfect for larger rooms, our Multi-Bar Heated Towel Rails create a striking focal point for your bathroom.

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Perfect for Larger Bathrooms and Wet Rooms


If you’re renovating a larger bathroom or designing a new wet room as part of a new-build project, Warmup’s collection of electric multi-bar towel rails offers an energy-efficient, space-saving solution for warming towels after a relaxing bath or shower. Using our advanced dry heating technology, the rails are liquid-free and have rapid heat-up times; making them ideal for family bathrooms or larger wet rooms with high usage.

Classic, Architectural Inspired Design with Two Style Options


Providing great functionality with beautiful design and available in two style options, the Anise and the Hawthorn and multiple sizes; install a ladder-style multi-bar towel rail in your bathroom to create a jaw-dropping space inspired by contemporary architecture.

The Anise Round Multi-Bar Towel Rail


The Anise utilises a rounded rail design, providing a touch of casual elegance to your bathroom. With its straight lines smoothed out, the Anise will heat your towel quickly and efficiently and is ideal for more traditional bathroom design themes.

The Hawthorn Square Multi-Bar Towel Rail


If you’re looking for a towel rail with a more contemporary edge, our Hawthorn range of multi-bar heated towel rails are the perfect choice. Using a squared-off rail design, they are particularly suitable for wet rooms with a modern energy.

Choose from Three Sizes


4 Bar Ladder Towel Rail

The smallest of our multi-bar heated towel rails, the 4 Bar Ladder is ideal for smaller spaces such as en-suite bathrooms and shower rooms.

6 Bar Ladder Towel Rail

Our 6 Bar option is perfect for a moderately-sized bathroom. Its extra width compared to the 4 Bar and 8 Bar styles makes it particularly useful for warming larger bath towels.

8 Bar Ladder Towel Rail

As the largest rail of the collection, the 8 Bar Multi-Bar Towel Rail is ideal for heating more than one towel simultaneously.

Easy to Install and Easy to Use


Our Multi-Bar Towel Rails are quick to fit in your bathroom by a qualified installer and can be controlled by either being connected to your existing RCD protected bathroom lighting circuit or with a separate power button.


All Warmup Towel Rails come with an accompanying fixing kit, featuring all the components needed for a successful first-time installation – please find the comprehensive installation manual for our Multi-Bar Towel Rails below.

Create the Perfect Bathroom Experience