outdoor snowmelting and de-icing systems

Snowmelting and De-icing Systems

Increase the safety of your home in the winter by keeping roofs, driveways and paths snow-free and frost-protected with our wide range of outdoor heating solutions. Cold winter weather can add extra strain on your home, especially when there is need to shovel and salt driveways, terraces, walkways or stairs or clear snow build-up from your roof or gutter. Warmup’s range of snowmelting systems use advanced heating technology to help eliminate these problems, efficiently and automatically.

snow melting cables

Snowmelting Cables

Use for ground snowmelting applications in driveways, paths, stairs, terraces and balconies.

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self-regulating cables

Self-Regulating Cables

Ideal for roof and gutter applications. Can also be used in pipe frost protection applications.

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snowmelting system pathway

Benefits of Snowmelting System

Added Value

Warmup’s Snowmelting Systems are more cost effective in the long run than continual salting and can extend the life of roofs, pipes and pavements. Our systems are also an excellent investment that can raise the value of a home.

No Mechanical Room Needed

There is no need to dedicate space in the home or garage for equipment. The system uses a small wall mounted temperature controller and a pavement/roof mounted sensor.

Easy to Use

Once installed and set-up by a qualified installer, the heating systems will provide a consistent, automatic outdoor heating solution; operating while the user is asleep, at work or away from home for an extended period of time.


The Snowmelt Systems use a system-specific heating controller which senses precipitation and freezing temperatures. These controllers ensure the system is only active during useful periods and reduces wasteful energy consumption.

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Outdoor Heating Controllers

Warmup provide a range of temperature controllers and sensors to accurately control and maximise on the energy efficiency of a Snowmelting System.

The controller’s sensor will be activated only when the outdoor temperature is below a selected setting and snow or ice occurs. When sensing moisture and low ground temperature, the controller will start working automatically.

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