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We want to help answer all your questions about Warmup’s range of underfloor heating systems and thermostats.
If you have a query about an online order or general query, please see our help sections and Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Seasonal Opening Hours
From Friday 23rd December 2022, Warmup Plc will be operating on a reduced seasonal schedule.
All orders will need to be received by Thursday 22nd December before 3:00pm.
Orders received after these dates will not be processed until Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

We will be open on the following days:
Friday 23rd December  8:00am – 2:00pm 

And be closed for the following days:
Saturday 24th December
Sunday 25th December 
Monday 26th December
Tuesday 27th December 
Wednesday 28th December
Thursday 29th December
Friday 30th December
Saturday 31st December
Sunday 1st January 2023  
Monday 2nd January 2023

We will resume normal Business hours (8:00am –6:00pm) from Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

Our 24 hour technical helpline will remain open as usual for urgent support requests.

We wish you a very merry Christmas.

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A wide range of manual and installation instructions for underfloor heating systems and thermostats manufactured by Warmup.

Request a quote and receive an immediate estimate for your floor heating project.

Helping you answer all your questions about Warmup’s range of underfloor heating systems and thermostats.

We have an extensive range of water and electric underfloor heating systems, perfect for almost any flooring type.

Find your nearest Warmup retailer by entering your postcode. Purchase Warmup underfloor heating products in-store

If you have purchased a Warmup product, make sure you register for a warranty through the Warmup website today.

Explore all reseller related services such as placing an order, collections from head office, sales and customer support.

Smart Thermostat status notification

We are experiencing a temporary outage of one of our AWS servers, which may result in your Warmup smart thermostat being inaccessible through the app and web portal. We are working to resolve this issue.

During this outage, your thermostat will continue to follow any programs and will retain its settings. You can override these settings using the controls on the thermostat itself.


Our technical support line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

0345 345 2288



At Warmup we aim to provide the best service and best products. If for any reason you feel that we have not met your expectations, please contact us via the following routes:

Telephone: 0345 345 2288
Write to us at:
Customer Services Manager,
Warmup PLC
Unit 704 Tudor Estate,
Abbey Road,
London NW10 7UW.
We will try our best to resolve all issues with you as quickly as possible, if we are unable to resolve your problem straight away, our advisors will agree a resolution process and timeline with you.

Quoting Tools: instant, accurate, flexible

Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

Electric Systems

  • ✓ Ideal for zones less than 25m²
  • ✓ Ideal for single rooms
  • ✓ Does not alter floor levels
  • ✓ Great for renovations

Electric Systems Quote
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Water Systems

  • ✓ Ideal for larger zones over 25m²
  • ✓ Rapid auto heat loss calculations
  • ✓ Compatible with existing central heating systems
  • ✓ Great for new-builds

Water Systems Quote & Buy
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For areas of 24m2 or more, use our full quoting system
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