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Self-Regulating Cable

The Warmup Self-Regulating Cable protects against dangerous build-up of snow and ice on roofs, within gutters and downpipes and prevents pipes from freezing.

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Key Benefits


Keep roofs and gutters ice and snow free

The self-regulating cable will adjust its heating output depending on the ambient temperature; the colder the ambient temperature, the warmer the cable will be.


Keep pipes from freezing

Applied around a pipe, the cable prevents damage due to frost, freezing and cracking.


Ideal for both homes and commercial projects

Can be used in small domestic applications or scaled-up for large developments.

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Roof Heating Cable

Our self-regulating outdoor heaters give you peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected from the potential damage caused by ice build-up and frost.

Frost Protection

The Self-Regulating Cable protects against dangerous build-up of snow and ice on roofs, within gutters and downpipes and can help prevent pipes from freezing. It is ideal for roof and gutter and frost protection applications as it regulates its output depending on the ambient temperature, making it more energy efficient to run. This product is constructed of a self-regulating polymer core that varies its output along its entire length and is well suited for both residential and industrial applications

Perfect for Roof and Gutter De-icing

Roofs and gutters can be severely damaged by ice build-up throughout the winter months. Ice dams and icicles form when the accumulated snow on a roof melts and refreezes during the evening, potentially creating both structural damage and safety issues. The Self-Regulating Cable assists in melting snow, draining it away from the roof.

Guarantee and Warranty


Safety Net Installation Guarantee

If you accidentally damage the heating system during installation, return it to Warmup and we will replace it with another heater of the same make and model free.

5 - Years Limited Warranty

This product comes with a 5 Year Warranty. We are completely confident in the standard of our products.

Technical Information

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Snow Melting Cables

The Warmup Snow Melting Cables protect against snow and ice build-up over both concrete and asphalt surfaces to improve accessibility and avoid accidents.

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