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Underfloor Heating Mats

Electric floor heating mats are designed for your convenience. They offer a quick and easy installation of a low-profile, energy-efficient heating solution.


StickyMat System

The StickyMat System features a 1.8mm heating wire and a self-adhesive backing for a rapid, hassle-free installation. It can be used with a wide range of floor finishes and is available in two different power variants.

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foil heater

Foil Heater System

The Foil Heater is an electric underfloor heating mat that utilises an aluminium foil matting to encompass the heating wires and gently diffuse the heat evenly into the room. It is most suitable for use with floating floor finishes.

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Stickymat 3D

StickyMat 3D System

The StickyMat 3D System is an electric wall heating mat that brings luxurious warmth to tiled bathroom walls. With a strong self-adhesive backing, it provides a quick and hassle-free installation and is available in a range of sizes.

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Benefits of Heating Mats

Heating Mats are composed of durable heating cables ready-attached onto a mat backing, allowing for a quick and convenient installation of a floor heating system. Warmup’s range of Heating Mats include the StickyMat System and the Foil Heater. Both systems feature thin, dual-core heating elements and a low-profile design, meaning they will have little-to-no impact on floor build-up heights.


  • Pre-spaced heating wires. Allowing for an optimal, consistent heat output
  • Rapid installation times. Can be fitted in a matter of minutes
  • Low-profile design. Little impact on floor build-ups
  • Clear sizing. Standard sized mats, ideal for regular shaped rooms
  • Energy-efficient. Uses less energy than traditional heating systems
  • Suitable for all projects and floor types.

loft with foil underfloor

Which System is Best for My Floor Finish?

Warmup’s range of Heating Mats make heating your home intuitive and easy, with systems designed specifically for your chosen floor finish.

The StickyMat System can be used with a wide array of floor finishes including wood, vinyl, tiles or carpeting but floor coverings should not exceed 1.5 tog. Always check with your flooring supplier that your selected floor finish is compatible with underfloor heating.

The Foil Heater has been specifically designed to be installed with floating floor finishes such as laminate and engineered wood. If you are using the Foil Heater with as softer floor covering like carpeting, the heater must be installed alongside the Dual Overlay System; this acts as a stable subfloor on which the floor finish is installed, protecting the heater from excessive load-bearing weight.

StickyMat 3D

Wattage and Heated Area

The StickyMat and Foil Heater are available in a range of clear, convenient sizes. The Foil Heater can be ordered in sizes from 1 metre to 12 metres, while the StickyMat can be ordered in different sizes to heat areas from 1 sqm to 15 sqm. If required, you can install multiple heating mats in the same space and the width of both mats is 500mm.

Heating mats can be used as either a primary or secondary heat source. The StickyMat is also available in two different power variants; 150W/m2 and 200W/m2 – using a higher power variant improves heat-up times in spaces of high heat loss.

It is recommended to always use Warmup Insulation Boards with an electric floor heater and to carry out a heat-loss calculation to work out the precise heating requirements of your project.

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Installation and Floor Build-up

Both the Foil Heater and StickyMat electric floor heating mats offer a low-profile heating solution which will have little-to-no impact on floor build-up heights.

The StickyMat System  features a pressure sensitive self-adhesive backing that binds the mat to the subfloor. It can be installed directly within a layer of tile adhesive or levelling compound, making it a truly ‘invisible’ floor heater. The Foil Heater must be installed with our Insulated Underlay and in some cases the Dual Overlay System as well, thereby providing a slightly thicker floor build-up. The Foil Heater offers a ‘dry’ installation, with no adhesive or levelling compound needed.

Underfloor Heating Mats provide rapid installation times and are ideal for regular shaped rooms, if you are installing floor heating in a more irregularly shaped area, one of our Heating Cable Systems may be more suitable.

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