StickyMat 3D

Innovative electric wall heating mat that provides radiant warmth for cold tiled walls.

Guide Price

from £80.00 / m² RRP ex. VAT

Key Benefits


Strong self-adhesive backing

Easy to attach and reposition on to the substructure


1.8mm heating wire

Allows you to tile directly over the mat


Quick installation

Available in a range of sizes perfect for your bathroom

StickyMat3D-wall tile

Specifically Designed for Heating Tiled Walls

Used in conjunction with a Warmup Underfloor Heating solution, the StickyMat 3D System is ideal for creating a 360 ͦ  sense of warmth in your home. It has been developed by our in-house team of engineers and is recommended for installation with ceramic, stone or porcelain wall tiles. Its heating wires are ready attached to a self-adhesive backed mesh mat for a hassle-free installation.

StickyMat 3D Ultra thin

Unique 360° Earthing Technology

StickyMat 3D features a 100% continuous earth braid, making it fully compliant with the latest edition of the Wiring Regulations for wall heating applications. It utilises an ultra-thin, 1.8 mm multi-strand, dual-core heating cable which is double insulated with an advanced fluoropolymer, making it exceptionally tough and easy to tile over. StickyMat 3D is available as a 200 W/m² mat guaranteeing the quickest heat-up times and can be ordered in a range of sizes from 0.5m² – 2m².

StickyMat 3D

Compatible with Insulation Boards for Walls and Floors – Tile Directly Over

Insulation is imperative in maximising the energy-efficiency of any underfloor or wall heating system and the StickyMat 3D has been designed to be installed with Warmup’s Insulation Boards. The boards rapidly improve the responsiveness of the system and when used as wall insulation, they can also double as tile-backing boards which you can tile directly onto.

StickyMat 3D Installation

Reduces Installation Times by 35%

StickyMat 3D offers rapid installation times; simply roll out the 0.5-metre-wide mats in parallel runs and attach directly to the substrate. The pressure-sensitive adhesive on the mesh backing securely binds the StickyMat 3D to the wall which keeps the mats flat and ensures a smooth and easy application of tile adhesive whilst also allowing the mats to be easily repositioned as needed. Due to the range of sizes available, you can install several StickyMat 3D heating mats in one area for greater radiant warmth.

The StickyMat 3D System is BEAB Approved and CE marked, meeting the highest safety standards for your peace of mind and comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty and Warmup’s renowned SafetyNet Installation Guarantee.


Control Wall Heating and Underfloor Heating with the Same Thermostat

You can control the StickyMat 3D Wall Heating System with the same thermostat used to control your Warmup Floor Heating System. If installing both a floor and wall heating system to one thermostat, you must wire the thermostat to take the reading from the floor sensor. A maximum of two heaters can be wired into one thermostat and after that a junction box is required for safe usage and the thermostat must be placed on a different wall, so that the in-built air sensor has an accurate reading of the room’s temperature.

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