modern white tile bathroom interior

A Warmup bathroom is an oasis of calm in your busy life where your wellbeing takes precedence. Experience the pleasure of gently heated floors and walls on a cold winter’s morning. Reach for a soft, warm towel from a Heated Towel Rail after your shower. Say goodbye to fogged-up mirrors forever with our Mirror Demisters. 

bathroom collection underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating

Install a Warmup floor heater for energy-efficient radiant warmth.

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bathroom collection wall heating

Wall Heating

Add a touch of luxury with Warmup’s StickyMat 3D Wall Heating System.

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bathroom collection heated towel rails

Heated Towel Rails

Choose the perfect heated towel rail for your bathroom.

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bathroom collection mirror demister

Mirror Demister

Warmup Mirror Demisters are easy to use and quick to install.

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bathroom collection floor insulation

Floor Insulation

Use insulation by Warmup for enhanced heat-up times and reduced running costs.

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bathroom collection wall insulation

Wall Insulation

Warmup’s Insulation Boards reduce heat-loss and can be tiled directly onto.

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sustainable radiant warmth bathroom

Bathroom Heating for Luxurious Warmth

The Warmup Bathroom Collection combines cutting-edge technology with classic British design to create the stylish bathroom of your dreams. The range of products are simple to install and easy to use and offer energy-efficient, radiant warmth for bathrooms of all styles and sizes. Transform your bathroom into a Warmup bathroom in six easy steps.

bathroom with underfloor heating mat

Underfloor Heating

Bathrooms are the perfect room in your home to be radiantly heated by a Warmup floor heating system. Underfloor heating will not take up any wall space, so you can make your bathroom a sanctuary with no style compromises.

underfloor heating heated wall

Wall Heating

The StickyMat 3D System is ideal for warming up cold, tiled bathroom walls; offering the luxurious experience of a pre-heated walk-in shower. It utilises a self-adhesive backing for easy installation and is available in a range of sizes.

heated towel rails

Heated Towel Rails

Providing even heat dispersion with rapid heat-up times, Warmup’s Heated Towel Rails gently warm your towels to an optimal temperature, and are available in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes – perfect for all bathroom design themes.

mirror demister

Mirror Demister

Every bathroom needs a clean and clear mirror, but they have a habit of steaming up after a hot bath or shower. Warmup Mirror Demisters provide the perfect solution to this problem by turning your conventional mirror into a heated bathroom mirror.

Ultralight insulation board


Installing high-quality insulation with your wall and underfloor heating systems guarantees the most energy-efficient heating solution for your bathroom. Warmup’s tough cement-coated Insulation Boards ensure fast heat-up times and can reduce heat loss by over 20%, keeping the room warmer, for longer. They can also be used as a strong and durable tile backing boards, making them ideal for use in bathrooms.

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