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Contura Floating Floor System

Contura Floating floor system is used where heating is installed onto a concrete or solid wooden subfloor for floating floors

hot water underfloor heating

Contura Floating Floor System

hot water underfloor heating

Contura Floating floor system is used where heating is installed onto a concrete or solid wooden subfloor for floating floors

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Dry-Finish Hydronic Floor Heating

The Contura System offers a dry-finish hydronic floor heating option. It is recommended for use within floating floors above a wooden or concrete subfloor and with no need for screed, the system features aluminium diffusion plates for optimal heat distribution. It can be installed within new builds or renovation projects, when sufficient levels of insulation are present.

contura floating hot water underfloor heating

Key Benefits


Comprehensive choice of board strengths

Comprehensive choice of board strengths and thicknesses available to match individual requirements.


Overlay system requires no screeding

Holds the pipe in the correct position to ensure there are no hot spots.


System promotes fast heat-up response times

Diffusion plates allow evenly distributed heat.

hot water underfloor heating

For Use with Floating Floors

The Contura system comprises of Warmup heating pipes, preformed insulation boards and diffusion plates. It is used where heating is installed onto a concrete or solid wooden subfloor but where a dry finish is used in place of a standard screed covering. This system typically has a lower wattage per square metre output (75w/m²) compared to traditional screeded floors.

hot water underfloor heating

Ideal for New Builds

It is used primarily in new build on upper floors where insulation levels are higher, lowering the heat requirements. It can be installed under almost any floor finish, in particular engineered wood and composite laminate wood. The system can be installed using any of Warmup’s 16mm heating pipes.

Guarantee and Warranty

Safety Net Installation Guarantee

If you accidentally damage the underfloor heating pipe during installation, return it to Warmup and we will replace it with the same size and make of pipe for free.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The length of the warranty period depends on the type of pipe you choose. When you install this system with the Warmup PEX-a pipe, the pipe comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Water Components


warmup underfloor pipes

Warmup systems come with a choice of 3 pipe types; PEX-A, PE-RT and PE-RT/AL/PE-RT. This choice guarantees that you have the best possible system, tailored to your specific installation and budget.

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warmup manifold

The Warmup Manifold is manufactured from stainless steel and provides water regulation for up to 12 underfloor heating circuits.

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Control Center

control center for hydronic systems

All hydronic systems require a control centre that works with the thermostats and the heat source, such as a boiler.

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water insulation page

Using Insulation with water floor heating significantly reduces the heat-up times and running costs.

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