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5iE smart thermostat

5iE Wireless Smart Thermostat

Warmup’s 5iE Wireless Smart Thermostat is our latest innovation in Smart home heating management. Our only heating controller specifically designed for central heating, the 5iE works with your comfort in mind whilst reducing energy inefficiency – saving you up to £378 on your annual energy bills.



Saves you up to £378

Using the 5iE with Warmup’s partner Apps, MyHeating and AutoSwitch, can save you an average of £378 on your energy bills annually. Work out how much you could save with our Heating Savings Calculator below.


Easy to Use

The 5iE Wireless Smart Thermostat connects wirelessly to your central heating system and you can have the 5iE installed and setup by one of our trained experts in as little as 4 days from delivery.


Works with Your Smartphone

The 5iE works with the MyHeating™ app available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. If you don’t use Android or iOS, we’ve got you covered, simply control your system from the my.warmup web portal. my.warmup web portal >

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Smart Central Heating Control

The 5iE Wireless Smart Thermostat works with central heating and hydronic underfloor heating systems and is a result of 20 years of innovation and research on efficient heating by Warmup. The advanced technologies within the 5iE automatically control your heating for you and work alongside Warmup’s MyHeating™ app which, when used alongside Warmup’s AutoSwitch™ app, can save you up to £378 per year on your energy bills.

 Use with your existing boiler and radiators

The 5iE’s stand mounted display can be placed anywhere in your home and communicates wirelessly with your boiler via the included Boiler Receiver unit – an advanced piece of technology that assists in bringing your ideal room temperature to wherever you are in your home. Working with our free-to-download MyHeating app, the 5iE Wireless Smart Thermostat controls your heating automatically with our built in SmartGeo™ technology – allowing the 5iE to learn your routines and monitor your heating schedule. Intuitively learning when you are leaving and returning home, this means you will never come home to a cold house again whilst also reducing your energy usage and bills by up to 25%.

 Saving you money

Warmup’s AutoSwitch app complements the 5iE and MyHeating app by ensuring you never overpay an energy bill again through tariff switching. 80% of the UK’s population is paying too much for their energy usage because suppliers usually increase rates after the initial twelve-month ‘Welcome Period’. Using AutoSwitch allows you to automatically switch energy suppliers effortlessly, every year, so that you never overpay for your energy usage again – saving you up to £210 per year, on top of the 25% savings on your heating bills you can make as a 5iE user.

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Smart Technology

The 5iE Wireless Smart Thermostat has been designed to complement and expand on the fantastic features of the award-winning 4iE, by giving compatibility with standard central heating systems. The addition of the wireless Boiler Receiver and Power Base transforms the standard 4iE into a smart wireless control for central heating systems. The unique features of the 5iE used together with Warmup’s MyHeating app deliver you optimised, automatic heating and continuous cost-savings.

MyHeating app

The 5iE works with your free MyWarmup account and the free MyHeating app, giving access to unique features like SmartGeo. The MyHeating app is designed to be easy to use with Natural Language Programming. The setup is quick and easy to use.

Learn more about the MyHeating app here >


Warmup’s unique innovation SmartGeo controls your heating for you; intuitively and automatically. The SmartGeo feature is based on two technologies:

  • The location services built into smartphones
  • Capability of learning your routines

The sophisticated algorithms of SmartGeo ensure an accurate and optimised heating schedule for your home.

Warmup applications

Saving you up to £378 per Year

Over the past 4 years, UK households have paid £8.5 Billion too much for their energy. This is because when you sign up with an energy supplier, you will get their best tariff for the first twelve months just to get you on-board. After that initial contract period is up, you are automatically moved to their standard rate – often at a significantly higher price. AutoSwitch works in the background to keep you on the lowest tariff every year, effortlessly and automatically – saving you an average of £210 per year.

Using your new 5iE alongside Warmup’s MyHeating App and SmartGeo technology is the most efficient way of heating your home. The MyHeating app communicates with the 5iE, letting it know how far you are from home to ensure the house is comfortable when you arrive. This, combined with the routine-learning abilities of the 5iE, allows the 5iE to only use energy when you need it, and never waste any when you don’t – saving you up to £168 per year.

The combined savings of using the 5iE alongside AutoSwitch and MyHeating can be up to £378 per year.


AutoSwitch searches for the best energy tariffs available and gives you the opportunity to switch energy suppliers automatically, every year. Never overpay an energy bill again.

Learn more about the Autoswitch app here >

5iE smart thermostat and smartphone

Personalise Your 5iE Thermostat

Customise your 5iE with uploadable photo backgrounds on the full-colour display.
Choose from a range of textured Overlays in realistic metal and wood effects or upload a custom design to give your 5iE a unique look.

Use the personalisation options in the MyHeating app to change the look of your 5iE. You can try out different custom backgrounds and themes with a live view of your actual device on the screen.
You can even point the camera on your phone at different surfaces to see how your customised device will look on different wall coverings.

5ie smart thermostat drawing schematics


Compatible systems include Combi, System, LPG boilers, heat pumps, or similar. Any heat source which requires one of the following;

230V AC normally opened

230V AC normally closed

Volt-free normally opened

Volt-free normally closed

Low voltage input not to exceed 3A.

The boiler manufacturer or manual will be able to confirm if your boiler is compatible

Technical Information

Dimensions (Assembled with 4iE face) 90 x 120 x 18mm
Screen Size 3.5″
IP Rating IP33
Operational Temperature Range 0°C – 50°C
Operational Humidity Range <95% RH


Dimensions (Assembled with Thermostat) 120 x 121.4 x 63.3mm
Power Supply 5V DC, 300mA
IP Rating IP30
Operational Temperature Range 0°C – 50°C
Operational Humidity Range <95% RH

Boiler Receiver
Dimensions 86 x 86 x 26.5mm
Power Supply 230V AC, 50Hz
 IP Rating IP40
Maximum Relay Load 3A, 250V
Operational Temperature Range 0°C – 50°C
Operational Humidity Range <95% RH
Fuse T1.6A, 250V

RF Range (Open Air) Max. 500m
Communication Band 868 MHz
Radio Frequency Standards EN 301 489-1 v1.9.2 / EN 300 220-2 v2.4.1 / EN 62479:2010 / EN60950-1:2006/A2:2013


Click below if you are experiencing issues with the 5iE equipment such as the Thermostat face of the Boiler receiver

Troubleshooting Guide ➤

Wiring Diagrams
Frequently Asked Questions

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