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From central heating controls upgrades to electric and water underfloor heating, Warmup have a wide range of solutions to significantly reduce the carbon emissions of your project

Central Heating Controls Upgrades

CO2 Saving/yr
Replace central heating control with Warmup Smart Control 421kg (17%)
Multi zone Warmup Smart central heating controls 751kg (30%)

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Electric Underfloor Heating and Controls

CO2 Saving/yr
Bathroom renovation with electric underfloor heating 95kg (4%)
Electric underfloor heating in bathroom. Warmup Smart Central heating controls 845kg (33%)
Electric underfloor heating in kitchen & bathroom. Warmup Smart Central heating controls 885kg (35%)

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Water Underfloor Heating, Controls and Heat Pump

CO2 Saving/yr
Water underfloor heating ground floor. Warmup smart Central heating controls 962kg (38%)
Water underfloor heating ground floor. Electric underfloor heating upstairs 1162kg (46%)
Whole house underfloor heating with heat pump 2076kg (82%)

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Warmup is helping make Net Zero a reality

We are committed to taking action now to reduce our carbon footprint, and to working with our partners to develop new solutions and technologies that can further reduce emissions. We believe this is the only way to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for our planet. Watch our short film to find out more about how we’re helping to make Net Zero a reality.

Warmup office in London

Our Commitment to Sustainability

In supplying these solutions, we recognise our responsibilities to:

The environment. We will actively work to reduce our energy consumption and our global greenhouse gas emissions from our operating activities and infrastructure.

Labour and human rights. We will develop internal processes spanning all stakeholders to identify & resolve labour & human rights issues within our supply chain, supported by our Illegal Working policy.

Ethics. We will be transparent and accountable for our actions as a business, further supported by our ‘Anti Bribery & Conduct’ and ‘Social Accountability & Ethical’ Policies.


We will achieve these ambitions and monitor our success by:

  • Actively working to reduce our GHG emissions using the GHG Protocol to calculate our global CO2e output. Our target, aligned with the UN’s ‘Race To Zero’ Campaign, is to half our emissions by 2030 and to achieve net zero by at least 2050. We will monitor and publish these figures annually for 2024 data.
  • Partnering with the ratings agency EcoVadis to gain external verification of our sustainability achievements. As of June 2023, Warmup has been awarded a bronze medal, and we will continue to have annual assessments to push our score higher. Our target is at least a silver medal by 2024.
  • Implementing ISO 14001 standards initially for all UK operations by the end of 2024.
  • Monitoring and measuring our internal waste streams and aiming to recycle 100% of our cardboard and plastic packaging waste by the end of 2024.
  • Adopting renewable energy tariffs for all UK buildings by the end of 2024

Our smart heating systems can reduce energy use and CO2e emissions by up to 35%

Our research has enabled us to develop the most efficient ways to heat homes around the world. Our Electric and Hydro underfloor heating systems are designed to turn energy into warmth more effectively than traditional heating systems like radiators. This is due to their larger surface area and greater use of the Radiant Effect. When combined with our smart controls, there’s no better way to transform your home into a warm, efficient and planet-friendly space. Our smart controls are programmed to only heat rooms when they are needed, and to always work to prevent wasted energy. They also include automatic optimisation features like SmartGeo to turn the heating down whenever you’re out of the house and Open Window functions to detect when windows are opened and pause the heating in that room.

By taking advantage of these energy-saving features, you can ensure that your heating is always running efficiently and cost-effectively, reducing energy use by up to 35%

Our systems utilise the Radiant Effect

Radiant heat warms you directly, instead of just heating the air around you. This provides a more comfortable and efficient way to keep your home warm. This warmth radiates into the room, making you feel comfortable even if the air temperature is lower your usual comfort levels.

This helps to reduce the amount of energy used to keep your house warm, as you do not need to use as much energy to create and maintain a comfortable space. Radiant heat also offers a more even and consistent temperature throughout your home, providing a better and more efficient heating experience.

Our systems require lower water temperatures

Underfloor heating systems are designed to optimally use lower water temperatures to maintain the warmth in a room. This is due to their larger surface area and greater use of the Radiant Effect.

Heat sources such as boilers or heat pumps are more efficient when used with underfloor heating systems as they need to run less to create lower temperature water. With a properly designed underfloor heating system, there will be less energy wastage and your home will be kept at a comfortable temperature at a lower cost.


Our systems are controlled more efficiently

Our smart controls have been designed to ensure that energy is not wasted by heating rooms that are not in use. For example, why heat a bedroom during the day when it is empty? Or why keep the living room warm overnight when everyone is asleep? Every warm room increases the overall heat loss of the building, so our controls are programmed to only heat rooms when they are needed.

They also include features such as SmartGeo, which automatically turns down the heating when you are out of the house, and Open Window functions which will pause the heating in a room when a window is opened. By taking advantage of these energysaving features, you can ensure that your heating system is always running efficiently and costeffectively.

We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions

In June 2023, Warmup were proud to successfully launch onto the global EcoVadis sustainability platform and be awarded a bronze medal. EcoVadis is a sustainability rating platform that helps businesses assess their own environmental, social, and ethical performance, as well as that of their suppliers.

The internationally recognised accreditation demonstrates Warmup’s credentials as a sustainability partner, as we seek to continually reduce our global carbon footprint and strive to cut our carbon emissions in half by 2030, and achieve net zero by 2050.

Warmup are aligned with the SME Climate Hub global initiative and the United Nation’s Race to Zero campaign and we continuously measure our day-to-day carbon emissions using the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol methodology, helping us to keep on track with our targets. As we all become more attuned to the complexities of global supply chains, Warmup are dedicated to improving the impact of our practices on the planet: from optimising freight routes to ensure that we maximise space on every shipment to investing in the usage of more recycled materials in our products and packaging. For our work on sustainability so far, we have been awarded a bronze medal accreditation from EcoVadis, putting us in the top 24% of the construction industry.


We are transforming our infrastructure

We have recently taken steps to move away from running our buildings with gas, and instead operate them using electricity only. To further reduce our environmental impact, we have installed solar panels on all of our buildings in the UK. 

This will allow us to generate our own clean energy onsite, and help us further reduce our carbon footprint. We are also taking a closer look at our energy supply chain and working to identify additional ways to reduce our CO2e emissions and make our operations more sustainable. Since November 2023, we have been operating on fully renewable electricity in both our London buildings.

Additionally, we have recently begun transitioning our fleet of vehicles to electric cars. This will ensure that the journeys we take are more environmentally friendly, as electric cars produce zero emissions. In addition to this, we have invested in green energy solutions to power our electric cars, such as solar panels and charging stations in all our UK buildings

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Our products are built with recycled materials

We are committed to using recycled materials in our products to reduce the environmental impact of our products. We are also taking steps to move away from a linear economy and towards a circular one, where resources are recycled and reused instead of being thrown away.

We are also continuously improving our packaging, reducing the amount of plastics we use and optimising our box sizes to reduce the amount of energy used to transport them. In one example, we were able to save an estimated 5.5 tonnes of carbon per year simply by reducing the size of our packaging. These steps are part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our environmental footprint and ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

See how energy efficient Warmup heating systems have transformed these projects into low carbon spaces

Stirling Moss

Warmup’s energy-efficient underfloor heating was specified for racing legend Sir Sterling Moss’s central London home.

Mark Shelby

Mark Selby required a low-build hydronic heating system for his home renovation project and new-build extension.

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