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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the cosiest way of warming your toes. Warm floors are an affordable luxury, available to everyone and suitable for all projects: renovations, new-builds, offices or entire buildings. Any project, big or small.

Warmup Underfloor Heating Systems

You can find a system that is a perfect match for your project from the Warmup underfloor heating product range. Warmup’s systems are a result of over 22 years of experience and rigorous research and development. As a result, you are guaranteed the highest quality floor heating system in the market, with a lifetime warranty. Find out our product range below or use our product selector tool.

  • Suitable for every type of project
  • Ideal for renovations
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Compatible with different floor types
  • Ideal for large zones
  • Ideal for new-builds and large building projects
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low running costs
  • Wide product range
  • Keeps driveways, gutters and pathways ice and frost-free
  • Increases safety
  • Available for concrete and asphalt application
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maximises the energy efficiency of your floor heating system
  • Cuts down on your heating bills
  • Can be set to control the heating for you

Floor Coverings Compatible with Underfloor heating

Radiant heating is compatible with almost all floor finishes. Pay attention to the thermal conductivity of the floor type when choosing the best flooring to go with your floor heating. Thermal conductivity means how well the flooring material transfers heat from the heater to the surface of the floor. The better, the more efficient heating system you will have.

Both Warmup electric and water based systems can be used with wood flooring and laminate flooring. Our wide range of products ensures that you will have the perfect solution for heated wood floors.


Tile and stone floors are ideal for use with a floor heating system as they transfer heat efficiently, heat up fast and retain heat well. Undertile heating is therefore efficient to run and luxurious to walk on.


Warm carpets feel great underfoot, but they also help keep your home healthy and breathing air fresher by keeping humidity levels low and dust mites and other allergens in check.


Vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) including Amtico and Karndean ranges are well-suited for use with underfloor heating. The denser the material, the better it transfers heat from the heating system.


Different room types for underfloor heating

Floor heaters can be installed in any room in your house, office or building. However, rooms differ in size and commonly use floor coverings that reflect the type of room they are installed in. For example, living rooms are usually bigger areas covered with wood, vinyl, laminate or carpet flooring whereas bathrooms are small spaces using tiles as the floor surface. Learn more about underfloor heating in different rooms below.


Floor heating is increasingly popular in bathrooms. Warm tiles are an attractive thought and Warmup has designed systems with bathrooms particularly in mind.


Living Room

Underfloor heating gives you full design freedom since unlike bulky radiators it doesn’t take up any wall space.



Energy-efficiently running underfloor heating system in a bedroom keeps your breathing air fresh and oxygen rich while you sleep.



Radiant heating is a perfect solution for a kitchen keeping the air fresh and toes warm without taking up any wall space.