Anyone who has ever shoveled snow in the cold, trying to clear their driveway in the mornings, knows what a tedious and physical inconvenience it can be. However, slippery, icy roads are a serious safety concern to drivers as well as pedestrians. Avoid starting your day with a shovel and find out about our snow melting cable system.

According to a long-time study taken out by researchers from the US Nationwide Children’s Hospital, a staggering 1.647 fatalities from cardiac-related injuries associated with shoveling snow were recorded. These statistics may seem rather strange when associated with the British climate, but you can still avoid the unpleasantness of heading to the driveway early in the morning, with a  shovel in your painfully freezing hands. This can be particularly strenuous for people over 60, and with a higher risk of physical injury. Therefore it would seem sensible to consider the snow-melting products from Warmup.


Snow melting systems increase safety and convenience

Snow melting systems are an efficient and convenient way to get rid of snow and ice around any surface. Increase safety and convenience by keeping homes, buildings, driveways, steps and paths snow-free and 

frost-protected with Warmup outdoor heating solutions, such as self-regulating cables. Designed to keep roofs and gutters ice and snow free, these cables will adjust their heating output dependent on the ambient temperature; the colder the ambient temperature, the warmer the cable will be.

Snow melting cables are suitable for installation under concrete, paving and asphalt to keep pedestrian areas safe and clear of snow and ice. The system provides the right heat at the right time, keeping driveways and paths free of ice and snow automatically. As it helps surfaces remain frost-free, damage due to frost is reduced and so are your maintenance costs.


Enjoy maximum control of your snow melting system

In order to control your snow melting system, you will need an approved Warmup control device. The controller’s sensor will be activated only when the outdoor temperature is below a selected setting and snow or ice occurs. When sensing moisture and low ground temperature, the controller starts working automatically.  The snow and ice will melt, and keep the driveway, steps, pipes or roof clear of snow and ice. The Warmup outdoor controllers save you energy and lower operating costs by triggering the system only when needed.

Warmup has introduced two temperature controllers for outdoor heating. ETR2 – 1550 is for small installations up to 16 Amps and ETO2 – 4550 caters for large installations up to 48 Amps.

Warmup outdoor heating solutions can save many a morning from freezing hands.

To learn more visit Warmup Outdoor Heating Solutions or contact our customer service to inquire more information or prices here.

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