Many householders are looking at ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. With even heat distribution and a large heating area which only needs to be few temperatures higher than the room temperature, electric underfloor heating is ideal for people who look to achieve energy efficiencies and lower their energy bills.


One of the benefits of electric underfloor heating is the rapid and even heat distribution as it delivers a moderate temperature faster than conventional heating methods. The image below shows a comparison between heating a room by underfloor heating and by radiators. It illustrates how the warm air is spread in a room over a period of time. The even temperature means that no draught spots are formed and there is no need for overheating to compensate for a cold spot.


Using a programmable thermostat to control underfloor heating allows utilising the energy efficiency of the system to its maximum. Programming the thermostat to heat the room only during the times you are home and switching the thermostat off for the night further help to use less energy. Warmup’s 3iE™ energy monitor thermostat helps its users to monitor and measure their energy consumption and the most energy efficient heating time and use.


Monitoring the energy consumption, you can also see the exact running costs of underfloor heating. The data from the thermostat will also prompt you to optimise your heating settings based on how much energy is required to reach a certain temperature. It is easy to set up the correct heating time required for reaching the desired room temperature, resulting in an energy efficient heating system.


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