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Relay – 40

Use the RELAY-40 for large 240V projects up to 900 sqft.

The 40 amp relay is used in conjunction with the 3iE and 4iE thermostats in order to expand the original 15 amp capacity.
It is specifically designed for large applications beyond 300 sqft.

Built for quiet operation, the relay can be mounted in an adjacent closet or in a space above or below.
It connects to the 3iE and 4iE thermostats via a 240V coil on the relay.

Floor Heating Tester

The Alligator is a meter with six-inch alligator clips that allows the constant monitoring of the heating cable. By testing the electrical resistance (ohms) on the heating conductors and any leak to the ground, it provides the installer the guarantee of a job well done.

By clipping the meter to the leads and turning on the device, it will remain accessible and powered all the way through the process, such as floor prep, tiling and grouting.

Furthermore, anyone present on the job site, from the installer to the tile person, the manager or the general contractor, can double check the integrity of the system at any moment.

In addition, unlike the other testers, The Alligator will give clear and detailed status on the installation with the exact ohm measurements required for warranty filing for all floor heating products.

Repair Kits

Warmup offers a selection of kits to repair damaged indoor and outdoor cables.

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