8 Smart Tips For Successful Underfloor Heating Installation

Published on 12 December 2011

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If you are about to fit an electric underfloor heater for the first time, boost your confidence with these clever tricks of the trade. Even if you have done this before, a gentle reminder never hurts!



#1 Read Instructions Carefully


This one sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many people fail to read through the manuals beforehand then find themselves in a rut midway through installation. Specific steps can vary from heater type to heater type, and from one brand to another, so make no assumptions.



#2 Check You Have the Right Heater Size


It is imperative you double check that you have the correct heater for your job before fitting. This is because the heating element must never be cut! The heating cable needs to be spaced within a certain range - place them too closely and you risk overheating; spread them too far apart and your floor may not warm up sufficiently.



#3 Prepare with a Dry Run


One great way to set the stage for a smooth-sailing installation is to, well, rehearse. Not only does it help you to become familiar with the procedure, it gives you the chance to clarify any questions that crop up before you get started on the real thing. Now’s the time too to tick off all the tools needed.



#4 Test, Test, Test!


Another good installation ethic is to regularly test that the heater is working - before, during and after installation. Companies like Warmup already prompt fitters to do this at various stages in their installation guides, but it’s well worth bearing in mind in any case. Should the heater not work properly, being able to identify a problem at the point of malfunction or damage makes fixing the issue a far more efficient affair.


#5 Protect Exposed Heaters


Sharp tools and heavy objects can damage the heating elements during the installation process, which is why, to help ease the strain, Warmup systems carry a reassuring SafetyNet Installation Guarantee that insures installers against fitting accidents. If there is going to be a time delay between the element going down and the finished floor being fitted, ensure that the exposed elements are protected by covering exposed heaters with lightweight cardboard or alike, to buffer against footfall and dropped equipment. Make sure to retest the heaters to ensure that elements have not been damaged in any way once the finished floor is ready to be fitted.



#6 Leave the Thermostat Connection to an Electrician


Current British regulations require that wiring of the thermostat must be conducted by a qualified electrician. Not complying could invalidate any warranties that came with the heaters, including the Lifetime Warranty that Warmup offers on some of their products.



#7 Do Not Turn The Heater On Too Soon


Be sure to allow enough drying time if screeding over the heater (usually between 1-3 weeks depending on the flexible tile adhesive used and manufacturers’ advice). Switching the underfloor heater on prematurely can result in an unstable sub floor as well as causing damage to the heater.



#8 Don't panic


As part of our warranties program we offer a safetynet™ installation guarantee on our heating products if something goes wrong during installation you could receive a free replacement.


Warmup also operates a 24 hour technical helpine for any queries pertaining to electric underfloor heating in general, please do not hesitate to contact Warmup on 0845 345 2288 or alternatively email: uk@warmup.com





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