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The New Underfloor Heating Sensor

November 27th, 2013 | Heating controls | News

An upgrade to a thinner and more resilient floor probe provides ease of installation for Warmup’s 3iE energy monitor thermostat. The 3iE now has an upgraded floor sensor (probe) which means that the conduit and cap will no longer be included in the box as standard.

Thinner and more resilient floor probe easier to lay

The upgraded Warmup floor probe is thinner, more resilient and easier to lay. After the upgrade, the probe no longer requires a conduit and cap to be used in order to meet the warranty requirements. Users will also benefit from shorter installation time as there are fewer steps in the installation process and a smaller channel is required for probe wire with the new floor sensor. The smaller diameter of the upgraded probe also makes it more suitable for thinner floor build ups.

Can the floor probe be extended?

The floor probe should be positioned so that no hot water pipes or drought spots are nearby as this may impact the thermostat. Should the successful installation of the thermostat require, the floor probe may be extended by a certified electrician using bell wire this. For detailed advice on extending the floor probe, please contact a certified electrician.

Conduit and cap still available

As part of the upgrade changes, conduit and brass will be omitted from the product which will result in significant decrease in embodied carbon. Every year, around 7 tons of embodied carbon will be saved. For those customers who wish to continue using the conduit and cap, these items are still available to order separately.

For technical details on the new probe or if you have any questions, please contact our expert team


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