The Warmup Home

A whole-house Warmup heating system can help lower your home’s carbon footprint and save you money on your energy bills.


Underfloor Heating Systems

Warmup floor heaters utilise radiant heat technology which requires less energy to warm your home whilst retaining the same level of comfort. 

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Using a Warmup Smart Thermostat and our accompanying Smartphone apps offers automatic heat functionality and accurate temperature control. 

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Installing our high-quality insulation with your UFH system improves heat-up times and ensures the heat produced by the system is kept within the space.

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Improving Your Home’s Efficiency

Warmup’s research-led approach to design has resulted in unrivalled heating systems that provide a more energy-efficient heating solution for your home compared to traditional heating systems with high carbon emissions.

Installing multiple Warmup floor heaters across your home facilitates a zoned heating function; whereby separate UFH zones are controlled by a zone-dedicated thermostat which allows you to only heat the spaces you need. This dramatically improves your home’s energy-efficiency, and this technology cannot be matched by traditional central heating systems.

Making Your Home More Sustainable

Enhancing your home’s sustainability with a comprehensive Warmup heating system is a great way to help you combat climate change. If you’re planning a renovation project, consider replacing your home’s existing heating system with a whole-house Warmup system to future-proof your home. A Warmup underfloor heating system used with an air-source heat pump and Warmup Smart heating controls will greatly reduce your home’s carbon footprint and bring substantial savings on your energy bills.

Saving Money with The Warmup Home

Underfloor heating systems offer low running costs and are perfect for use as the primary source of heat in your whole house. hybrid solution, using a combination of both electric and water systems, often provides an ideal solution for larger, multi-storey homes. 

Traditional Homes

  • Gas condensing boiler
  • Single Programmable Thermostat
  • Wall mounted radiators

The Warmup Home

  • Air Source Heat Pump / Direct Electric
  • Multi-Zone Warmup Smart Thermostats
  • Radiant Floor Heating

Committed to a Net Zero Policy

Governments and business leaders across the world are actively working together to improve the energy-efficiency of domestic and commercial spaces and underfloor heating is well placed to become the future of heating. Our systems help your home become as sustainable as possible and as such, we want to ensure our business model has the same objective – we are committed to a net zero policy by 2050.

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