Underfloor heating is a cleaner, more sustainable way to heat a home. Warmup floor heaters require less energy to reach optimal comfort temperatures than traditional heating systems and with this increased energy-efficiency, you can expect lower long-term running costs too.

How Does UFH Help My Home Become More Sustainable?

Improves Heat Efficiency

UFH can improve the efficiency of the heat source by operating at lower temperatures.

Uses Smart Technology

Smart thermostats provide automatic heating, saving you even more energy.   

Reduces Energy Usage

Floor heaters utilise radiant heat technology which requires less energy to warm your home. 

Increased Efficiency with Underfloor Heating

Floor heaters utilise radiant heat technology to warm a room in a much more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way. Radiant heating warms a room from the ground up and directly into the objects and people in the space, as opposed to central heating which focuses on heating the air of a room. This process is up to 40% more efficient than traditional heating methods.

Houses with correctly designed underfloor heating can take advantage of the radiant effect, meaning the same feeling of warmth can be achieved with lower air temperatures, which reduces heat loss by around 10%.

Combatting Energy Wastage with Smart Controls

Correctly designed underfloor heating can also improve the efficiency of the heat source, such as the boiler or heat pump, by 10-30% by operating at lower water temperatures than traditional radiator systems.

By using Smart multi-zone thermostats to control your heating systems, only the rooms that are required to be warm are heated, thereby combating energy wastage and in turn reducing the total energy used by the home by up to 25%.

Conserving Energy with Automatic Heating

Warmup’s range of Smart heating controls utilise SmartGeo™ technology which uses background communication with your Smartphone to automatically set the most comfortable and efficient temperature based on your location and learns the unique way your home heats up and cools down – resulting in even greater energy conservation.

You can even enhance your Warmup thermostat’s energy-saving capabilities by controlling it from wherever you are using the MyHeating Smartphone app or through the My Warmup online portal.

Helping to Lower Your Home’s Carbon Emissions

Utilising Warmup heating solutions throughout your home can help save over 700 GWh of energy per year and in turn, reduce the cost of your energy bills – helping you to create a more sustainable home.

A water floor heater installed with an air-source heat pump with  accompanying multi-zone Smart thermostats and insulation can dramatically lower your home’s carbon emissions and bring substantial financial savings in the long-term.

Big Savings on Your Energy Bills

The lower running costs of UFH is due to the technology’s quick heat-up times and its ability to run at lower temperatures – all while still producing the same level of warmth as central heating systems.

Running costs can vary depending on your home’s design, levels of insulation, which energy-tariff your home is on and which kind of heating control and meter you use but Warmup systems could help you save £400 a year on your energy bills.

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