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Ultralight Underfloor Heating Board

Our high-performance floor heating insulation improves heat-up times, spreads warmth quickly and is easier than ever to install.

Insulating | Heat Spreading | Decoupling


Helps Reduce Energy Usage

Save up to £16.50 / m2 per year on energy costs.


Spreads Heat Better

50% more even heating and 30% faster heat up times than standard boards


Built-In Floor Protection and more coverage

Larger board with built-in decoupling layer helps protect floor finish covers 28% more area than standard boards.


Underfloor Heating Insulation Improves Energy-Efficiency

Warmup’s Ultralight is a specialised underfloor heating board that offers a responsive insulation solution when used with our collection of UFH systems. Insulation boards dramatically improve the energy-efficiency of floor heaters as they assist in preventing the heat produced by the system escaping into the subfloor below – thereby keeping the radiant warmth within the room whilst reducing energy costs.

Ultralight is the next generation of insulation by Warmup, developed for faster heat up times and to offer an easier, more flexible installation. If you’re thinking about installing floor heating with insulation in an upcoming project, consider undertaking a thorough heat loss calculation to understand the heating needs, and insulation needs, of your home.


Unique Multi-Layered Design with Noise Reduction and Decoupling Attributes

Ultralight has been engineered with a four-layer construction method for maximal insulation properties and heat conductivity.

Its energy-saving insulation layer is enveloped between a top layer of synthetic fabric, onto which a heating system can be directly installed, an aluminium core which assists in an even and efficient distribution of heat, and a base layer of decoupling fleece. The decoupling fleece base offers an ideal surface to adhere to the subfloor whilst also providing increased protection for tiled floor finishes due to any potential damage caused by lateral subfloor movement.

Ultralight also features soundproofing qualities; its acoustic performance is comparable to dedicated acoustic products such as those manufactured from reground rubber, cork and soft foams. It does this without compromising on its insulating, heat-spreading or decoupling performance. Ultralight has been tested and rated for its acoustic performance by Intertek Building & Construction in accordance with ISO 10140-2, ISO 10140-3, ASTM E90 and ASTM E492.

Aluminium Layer for Greater Heat Distribution

The innovative aluminium layer within the Ultralight board is proven to help spread an underfloor heater’s warmth faster and more evenly to the floor finish above – creating a more comfortable environment to enjoy. With Ultralight, you can expect rapid heat-up times of as little as 27 minutes to bring a room to your optimal temperature.

Using a Warmup Smart Thermostat alongside your heater and Ultralight underfloor heating board for a complete sustainable heating solution will also enhance the comfort of your home. Our 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat allows automatic heat functionality so your home is always at the right temperature, at the right time, for you.


Lighter, Easier to Work With and Dust-Free

Ultralight can be installed with all subfloor types and is ideal to use with a Warmup electric floor heating system. Its lightweight but durable design means it is less than half the weight of other insulation boards, meaning you can cover a 15 /m2 room with Ultralight in one trip, rather than three trips with standard boards.

With no cement coating, Ultralight is also more flexible than other insulation boards and can be easily cut to requirements with no risk of dust. Ultralight also features a 10-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

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