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How do I set the setback temperature on the Warmup konekt app?

In this how to video we show you how to set the setback temperature on the Warmup konekt app.

  • In the menu panel, select “More” then “Heating Profiles”
  • Select “Alternative profile 1”
  • Click the profile of the day you wish to alter the setback temperature for
  • Then select the base temperature value to view the dial
  • Click and drag the dial to alter the temperature value
  • Anti-clockwise will decrease the temperature, clockwise will increase the temperature
  • Once happy, click the back arrows to return to the profile overview
  • To copy the new profile, just click and hold the day and select the duplicate icon in the top right-hand corner
  • Then select the days you wish to repeat these settings for and click “confirm”
  • Once finished, click the tick in the top corner to confirm changes then the back arrow to return to the menu