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Econna Joisted Floor System

The Warmup Econna System is designed for use over both battened and joisted floors, leaving the void between them free for other services.

Key Benefits


Heating pipe built into the structural floor

Underfloor heating pipe is built into the structural floor, allowing faster heat-up response times.


No screeding required

Holds the pipe in the optimal position, ensuring there are no hot spots.


Designed for timber suspended & battened floors

Perfect for installation in period home refurbishment projects.

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For New-Build or Renovation Projects

The Econna Joisted Floor System is a water underfloor heating system designed specifically for use with battened or joisted floors. It is installed over traditional timber joists in either new-build or renovation projects and utilises the space between joists for insulation material whilst also allowing room for other plumbing and electrical services.

Diffusion Plates

The underfloor heating system utilises aluminium diffusion plates for even heat distribution and is suitable for almost any floor finish, in particular where the flooring (wood, carpet or vinyl) may be replaced from time to time. If using tiles as a final floor finish, additional layers of plywood or tile backer board may be required to create a rigid base.

For Use with Timber Joists

Econna Joisted Floor System is a composite wood load-bearing slotted 22mm floor with return ends. It is designed to fit on top of standard wood joists of 400mm to 600mm c/c max; this replaces the standard board in the floor construction.

The system can use Warmup’s 16mm Pex-a or PE-RT heating pipes, which are built into the structural floor allowing rapid heat-up times. If the boards need extra support, a carpenter may be required.

Guarantee and Warranty


Safety Net Installation Guarantee

If you accidentally damage the underfloor heating pipe during installation, return it to Warmup and we will replace it with the same size and make of pipe for free.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The length of the warranty period depends on the type of pipe you choose. When you install this system with the Warmup PEX-a pipe, the pipe comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Water Components

hydronic underfloor heating pexa


Select from a choice of 3 pipe types; PEX-A, PE-RT and PE-RT/AL/PE-RT – tailored to your specific installation and budget.

hydronic underfloor heating manifold


Our Manifold is manufactured from stainless steel and provides water regulation for up to 12 underfloor heating circuits.

hydronic underfloor heating control centre

Control Center

All hydronic systems require a control centre that works with the thermostats and the heat source, such as a boiler.

hydronic underfloor heating Clypso insulation


Using Insulation with water floor heating systems significantly reduces the heat-up times and running costs.

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Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

Electric Systems

  • ✓ Ideal for zones less than 25m²
  • ✓ Ideal for single rooms
  • ✓ Does not alter floor levels
  • ✓ Great for renovations

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Water Systems

  • ✓ Ideal for larger zones over 25m²
  • ✓ Rapid auto heat loss calculations
  • ✓ Compatible with existing central heating systems
  • ✓ Great for new-builds

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