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Nexxa 12- Low profile UFH castellated membrane

Nexxa 12 is a low profile castellated system designed for renovation projects in particular where overall floor height plays a major role. The system is composed of a black plastic castellated panel and a 12 mm PERT pipe which is placed within the panel. That formation is then covered by a 22mm layer of appropriate levelling compound.

System Features


Excellent heat output

with low water temperatures 70W/m² for timber floor with 40°C water.


Quick response times


All floor finishes will be laid directly on top


Perfect for refurbishments

Nexxa 12 is a low profile castellated underfloor heating system, designed for refurbishment projects where low floor buildup is required.​ The system incorporates a 12mm PERT pipe within a plastic castellated panel, which is then covered with a 22mm layer of appropriate levelling compound​. Nexxa 12 bonds directly to a smoothed and primed subfloor.

With fast response times and excellent heat output (70W/m2 for timber floors at 40°C water temperature), Nexxa 12 is a great way to bring the warmth and luxury of underfloor heating to your project.

Nexxa 12 Install

Quick and easy to install

The Nexxa 12 panels are self-adhesive, making them quick to lay with no waiting around for drying time. Once laid, the 12mm pipe can be simply clipped into place to cover the required heated area, in either square patterns or diagonals, to suit the space.

The panels are easy to cut with a utility knife and measure 650 x 1050mm. Once the pipe is installed, an appropriate levelling compound can be poured to a thickness of 22mm. Insulation should be installed underneath the Nexxa 12 panels to ensure rapid heat up times and reduce energy usage.

Use with Warmup Primer

Warmup Primer is a ready to use, bond enhancing and solvent-free single component primer for the preparation of absorbent and non-absorbent floors and walls with or without surface heating. Ideal for use before laying Warmup Peel and Stick systems, levelling compounds and tile adhesives. Suitable for use as a deep penetrating primer on absorbent surfaces.

Technical specification

User guide

Safety information

Guarantee and Warranty


Safety Net Installation Guarantee

If you accidentally damage the underfloor heating pipe during installation, return it to Warmup and we will replace it with the same size and make of pipe for free.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The length of the warranty period depends on the type of pipe you choose. When you install this system with the Warmup PE-RT pipe, the pipe comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Technical Information

The full system consists of the products below


Warmup Nexxa 12 Membrane

Self-adhesive castellated panel, active area: 0.6m2


Warmup PE-RT pipe 12mm

PE-RT pipe, natural colouring (available in 50, 60, 70, 300m coils)

Warmup Primer

1lt bottle of Warmup Primer

Perimeter Strip

Warmup Perimeter Strip

Perimeter strip for use on Nexxa 12 system to reduce thermal bridging. Supplied in 25m rolls

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