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Warmup’s Sustainability Vision: Developing Sustainable Business Practices 

March 6th, 2024 | News

As the world’s best-selling floor heating brand, Warmup want to ensure that every aspect of our business is working in harmony with the natural world and therefore, sustainability is at the core of our day-to-day practices. We are proud of our work in the development of low-carbon heating technologies and want to share with you the many ways that we are committed to running our business in as a sustainable manner as possible. 

What is a Sustainable Business? 

A sustainable business is one that strives to meet its economic, social, and environmental responsibilities while pursuing its core objectives. In this, Warmup considers the long-term wellbeing of not only our company but also our customers, our stakeholders, the planet and its future generations, with every decision we make. 

As part of this, we are committed to maintaining transparency about our environmental, financial and social impact. Accountability is a key component of being a sustainable business and we are focused on achieving our objectives through defined targets and internal reporting.   

Understanding Our Environmental Responsibility 

As a sustainable business, Warmup are committed to creating innovative products and services that have a reduced impact on our environment. We want to help you heat your home in the most sustainable way possible. Our range of energy-efficient heating systems can reduce energy usage by up to 35% compared to traditional heating solutions, helping to lower the carbon footprint of your home and making our world a greener place for all of us. 

Alongside our eco-friendly technologies, as a company we are actively working to reduce our own carbon footprint too. We are focused on environmentally-conscious supply chains and transportation methods as well as introducing the adoption of recycled materials in both our products and packaging. Within our own workplaces, we are working on energy conservation, waste reduction and recycling. We have also invested in renewable energy sources to power our UK buildings, with the introduction of solar panels to reduce our dependency on the national grid. As part of this aim, Warmup measures the carbon footprint of the entire scope of its operations through the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and reports these findings to the SME Climate Hub annually. 

Warmup aims to cut our carbon emissions in half by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050 and we are proud to be aligned with the United Nation’s Race to Zero campaign. For our work on sustainability so far, we have been awarded a bronze medal rating from EcoVadis, putting us in the top 24% of the construction industry in 2023. 

Understanding Our Social Responsibility 

When we refer to our social responsibility, we mean the ways we consider the wellbeing of our employees, customers, business partners and the communities we operate in. This constitutes such ideas as fair wages, safe working conditions, opportunities for employee growth and development, as well as engagement in community initiatives. 

In the UK, Warmup is fully accredited as a London Living Wage employer and we regularly invest in training courses for employees too. The wellbeing of all members of staff is of paramount importance, so access to private health care and cycle to work schemes are available for UK staff. Warmup team members from around the world are also involved in fundraising projects for local charities.   

We take pride in influencing the sustainability of our supply chains. Warmup are committed to optimising our procurement procedures so that they are as ethical and sustainable as possible, which includes holding our suppliers accountable for their labour, use of conflict materials and human rights standards. We are focused on sourcing raw materials responsibly and do due diligence that our suppliers adhere to ethical and environmental commitments. As part of this, Warmup has already tested the ethical nature of its supply chain and all identified product suppliers responded on key issues.  

Understanding Our Economic Responsibility  

A sustainable company must be financially viable. This means it operates profitably while maintaining a long-term focus. By making ethical and sustainable choices, Warmup are confident in our financial stability and resilience in the face of any possible global economic challenges. With our technologically advanced heating solutions and the ongoing decarbonisation of the grid, whereby fossil fuels will be relied upon less and less to provide national energy needs, we are well placed to help heat a new generation of homes around the world. 

​Sustainability is about taking a long-term perspective rather than focusing solely on short-term gains and we are conscious of how our business dealings and growth affect our society and the environment. In this aspect, Warmup invests in practices and technologies that may have upfront costs but offer long-term benefits in terms of reduced environmental impact and enhanced social well-being. We are committed to our position as global leaders in low-carbon technology and will go beyond regulatory requirements to set higher standards for ourselves. As such, we aim to implement the ISO 14001 standards by the end of 2024 which will be externally audited and provide our customers and suppliers with assurances that our efforts as a sustainable business are genuinely meaningful and transparent. 

Looking for more information about our sustainability pledges? Read our informative guide to discover everything you need to know. 

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Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

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instant, accurate, flexible

Quoting Tools: instant, accurate, flexible

Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

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