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What Can a Smart WiFi Thermostat Do that Mine Can’t?

If you’ve got an older thermostat, whether programmable or non-programmable, a Warmup Smart thermostat will revolutionise the way you think about home underfloor heating and, perhaps most importantly, save you money.

1. Conserves energy usage

The Warmup 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat for underfloor heating systems is packed with innovative technologies in the form of algorithms which learn the unique requirements of your home and what the most efficient way to keep it warm is. The 6iE suggests ways for you to save energy, e.g., what temperature you should set for when you are not at home and even when to turn the heating off early before you leave. It will also display easy to follow tips on how you could save energy and money by optimising your heating settings. The advice is specific to your home, tailored to your energy consumption and could save you hundreds of pounds on your heating bills.

2. Lowers energy prices

Over the past 4 years UK households have paid £8.5 Billion too much for their energy and switching energy providers could save you over £200 a year. Using the 6iE with Warmup’s AutoSwitch Smartphone app provides an easy way to switch suppliers and save you money. AutoSwitch searches the marketplace for the best value energy tariff for your needs and switches you automatically, every year.

3. Can be controlled from anywhere

Smart thermostats allow control of your heating settings on the go. You can control your home’s heating from your mobile phone with Warmup’s MyHeating app or log in to the My Warmup online portal to control from a computer.

4. Works with your Smart home technology

Our Smart heating controllers work with other Smart technologies in your home to become part of a fully-realised Smart Home ecosystem. Using the IFTTT platform, you can connect a Warmup Smart Thermostat with other Smart devices in your home such as the Amazon Alexa, Phillips Hue, the Goggle Assistant and many more.

5. Allows automatic heating

Warmup Thermostat’s utilise SmartGeo™ technology which uses background communication with your Smartphone to automatically set the most comfortable and efficient temperature based on your location and learns the unique way your home heats up and cools down. So, your home will always be at the right temperature, at the right time, for you. If you’re looking to upgrade your heating controls, read our thermostat buying guide to find the perfect controller for your home and get a free instant quote today to find out how much a new underfloor heating system would cost for your home.


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