Cathedral Santo Domingo – Spain

Catedral Santo Domingo – Spain

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◩ Project location

Santo Domingo de la Calzada, La Rioja, Spain

◩ System specifications
  • 200W/m² heating mats
  • Foil heaters
  • 2cm thick insulation boards
  • Warmup® XSTAT thermostats
◩ Client

◩ Heating system

Electric Underfloor Heating

◩ Project size

Catedral Santo Domingo de la Calzada

The Challenge

As part of its refurbishment, the cathedral required new stone floors. With high ceilings and a substantial area of 900sqm to heat on a part-time basis, a highly responsive heating system had to be installed.

The Solution

Taking into consideration the high ceilings and heat distribution, a full heat-loss calculation was conducted. Based on the results and the requirement for a system with extremely quick response time, Warmup quoted the ‘fit for purpose’ 200W/sqm under-tile heating mats. The heating mats were laid upon 2cm thick extruded polystyrene insulation boards to enhance thermal efficiency. For areas with laminate platforms, the Warmup Foil Heaters were also selected for their highly responsive heating feature. Once installed, the heating was controlled with multiple Warmup XSTAT thermostats, specifically used for precise zonal operation.

The Result

Two of Warmup’s highly responsive heating systems were installed over 900sqm under stone and laminate floor finishes. Visitors of the cathedral are now benefitting from the comfort of congregating on warm, radiated floors all year around.

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