MGM Grand – Macau


MGM Grand – Macau

◩ Project Type


◩ Project location

Macau, Republic of China.

◩ System specifications
  • 150W/m² heating mats
  • 10mm thick insulation boards
  • Warmup® XSTAT thermostats
◩ Client

MGM Grand Macau

◩ Heating system

Electric Underfloor Heating

◩ Project size

A 35 story, 600 room, luxury casino resort co-owned by MGM Mirage and Macau casino.


The Challenge

The sleek and elegant architecture of the suites and villas eliminated the option of conventional heaters as they took up a lot of wall space. The spacious bathrooms in these properties required an alternative heating source.

The Solution

Installing Warmup underfloor heating systems meant there was no need to occupy room space. Warmup insulation boards were laid to ensure the fastest heating response times. To complete the seamless look and compliment the architecture, the flush mounted Warmup XSTAT thermostats were selected as the heating control of choice.

The Result

Resort guests could relax in large spacious rooms, enjoying evenly heated bathroom floors at their preferred temperature, at any time of the day.

Product information

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