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The Best Underfloor Heating Kit for Your Home

Underfloor heating systems are ideal for bringing discreet radiant warmth to projects of all sizes. If you’re interested in installing a heater in just one room of your home, our floor heating kits may be the perfect option for you. These systems offer quick installation times and great value-for-money. In this guide you’ll discover:

  • If UFH Kits are better for new-build or renovation projects
  • The best electric floor heating kit to use
  • The best water heating kit for single rooms
  • How easy heating kits are to install in your home
  • Where to buy a Warmup kit

What type of project is a UFH Kit suitable for?

Floor heating kits are a prepared package containing almost everything you’ll need for a successful UFH installation. Our range of kits have been specifically developed for use in single rooms or what are sometimes called ‘one-zone’ projects. Typically, larger-scale floor heating systems are split into different ‘heating zones’ for accurate temperature control but these heating kits are devised to act as a singular heating system to operate alongside other heating systems in the home. So, if you’re looking for a new energy-efficient heating solution for just your bedroom for instance, with the rest of your home heated by a central-heating system, one of electric or water UFH kits would be ideal.

Is a water or electric system better for a single room?

You can install an underfloor heating kit in both a new-build project, if you’re building your home or an extension from the ground-up, or in a renovation project, whereby you will be retrofitting the floor heater with your room’s existing or new floor finish.

We recommend electric floor heaters for renovation projects and water systems (also known as hydronic underfloor heating systems or wet systems) for new-builds. This is because wet systems typically require a layer of screeding over the heating pipes which increases the floor level of a room; so, it’s best to install these systems in a new-build space where you can take these requirements into account at the design stages. Electric heaters on the other hand are perfect for retrofitting in a single room of your home, offering a quick installation and having little impact on floor heights. All our electric and water heating kits are suitable for installation for one zone of your home and offer low long-term running costs, saving you money on your energy bills.

What is the best electric underfloor heating kit?

The Loose Wire System (also known as the DWS Wire System) is a fantastic electric underfloor heating system for use in any home refurbishment project. At only 1.8mm, the durable heating cable can be installed directly within a layer of tile adhesive or levelling compound, meaning this system won’t raise your floor levels. Alongside the electric floor heating cable, the Loose Wire Underfloor Heating Kit also features a range of accessories for a successful first-time installation such as a primer and roller with which to paint over wooden subfloors and tape to adhere the electric heating cable to the subfloor (thermostat sold separately).

The Loose Wire kit offers great value for money and can be installed in under a day. It is especially beneficial for use in irregularly shaped rooms, or spaces with several fixed objects, as the heating wires can be manoeuvred around such spaces with ease. The Loose Wire System is perfect for installing with all types of flooring including vinyl floor coverings and laminate flooring.

What is the best water underfloor heating kit?

The Hydropack System is water floor heating kit that has been designed for a single-room installation for floor areas of up to 22 M/2. It provides virtually everything you need in one box including 120 metres of our PE-RT Pipe, pipe clips and cutters, a pump / mixing control unit and a Warmup 3iE Energy-Monitoring Thermostat. Like many hydronic systems, the Hydropack should be screeded over and cured before the final floor covering is laid. If using a standard sand/cement screed, we recommend a thickness of between 65mm & 75mm on top of the insulation (you must purchase our Clypso Insulation panels separately). The Hydropack is great for new-build rooms or can be installed on the ground floor of a project, where the subfloor can be excavated enough for the required layer of screeding. This system is ideal for use with tiled floors.
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Can I install a UFH Kit by myself?

Underfloor heating installation should be carried out by a professional installer who has experience in working with these radiant heat systems. Whilst electric heating kits can be installed in a one-zone space in a matter of hours by your electrician or tiler, hydronic underfloor heating kits will take longer to install due to the screeding requirements. If you’re looking for an installer to fit your heating kit, get in touch with us today and we may be able to recommend someone from our network of Warmup Pro verified installers who works in your area.

To increase the energy-efficiency of your UFH kit, we recommend installing the system on top of a layer of insulation. Our insulation panels help improve the heat-up times of our systems as well as dramatically reducing potential heat-loss.

How do I purchase a Warmup heater?

Our innovative online quoting tool makes ordering a Warmup underfloor heating system easier than ever. Simply enter the details of your project and we’ll calculate the ideal heater and accompanying products for your needs with the latest prices.

If you wish to purchase the Hydropack or Loose Wire Underfloor Heating Kit for your upcoming project, get in touch with us and we’ll help you order the system today.

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Warmup Quoting Tools: instant, accurate, flexible

Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

Warmup Quoting Tools

instant, accurate, flexible

Quoting Tools: instant, accurate, flexible

Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

Electric Systems

  • ✓ Ideal for zones less than 25m²
  • ✓ Ideal for single rooms
  • ✓ Does not alter floor levels
  • ✓ Great for renovations

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Water Systems

  • ✓ Ideal for larger zones over 25m²
  • ✓ Rapid auto heat loss calculations
  • ✓ Compatible with existing central heating systems
  • ✓ Great for new-builds

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For areas of 24m2 or more, use our full quoting system
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