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Finding the Best Water UFH System for Your Floor

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Water floor heating systems are a great way to improve your home’s energy performance and save money on your bills too. The optimal system for your project often depends on your floor’s construction method– whether you are installing a system with screeded floors, joisted floors or structural floors. In this guide we’ll explore Warmup’s wide range of water floor heating solutions, helping you find the perfect system for your needs. You’ll discover: 

  • Which system is best for screeded floating floors 
  • Water systems developed for use with joisted floors 
  • The benefits of UFH for structural subfloors 
  • How to specify water floor heating for your project 

Water UFH systems for screeded floating floors 

Concrete screeds are typical in new-build projects and perfect for installing underfloor heating within.  These kinds of floor constructions allow a hassle-free UFH installation method by simply fitting the heating pipes on top of insulation over the sub-floor then screeding over the system and allowing it to dry before fitting your final floor finish on top. A floating floor describes a floor finish that does not need to be adhered to the sub-floor beneath it. Such flooring types include floor tiles, vinyl, laminate and hardwood. 

The Clypso System is one of Warmup’s most popular hydronic systems for screeded floors that comprises of heating pipes, connection clips and unique laminated insulation panels. It is recommended for off-plan projects such as new-build homes or large extensions and can be installed with almost any floor finish, in particular where the floating flooring may be replaced from time to time.  

Thinking about installing underfloor heating with a screeded floor? These kinds of projects are referred to as offering a ‘wet’ floor heating installation method. Read our expert guide on the differences between wet and dry UFH installation methods. 

Water systems for retrofitting with a screedless overlay floor construction 

The VLo Ultra-12 Low-Build System is the perfect choice for use with existing wood or concrete subfloors in renovation projects. Its low-profile design means the Ultra-12 won’t significantly impact floor heights and it offers a dry installation method for floating floors, with no need for screed. The Ultra-12 also features built-in high-quality insulation and a recycled fleece decoupling layer on both the base and top of the panels, helping to reduce heat loss and protect your floor finish from possible damage caused by lateral subfloor movement. 

The VLo line can be used with traditional heat sources and heat pumps and will provide an energy-efficient, low-carbon heating solution for your home with low long-term running costs. 

The best systems for joisted or battened floors 

Battened or joisted floors are typical in traditional timber-based house construction, whereby the floors are supported by wooden beams. A water system can be laid between or on top of these joists. 

Warmup’s VLo Econna-12 is a hydronic floor heating system that has been designed for use over both battened and joisted floors, leaving the void between them free for insulation material and other services. It is an ideal choice for installing in period home refurbishment projects.  

The Tectora Joisted Floor System uses aluminium plates to spread heat efficiently across your room. It has been designed for installation with either battened or suspended timber floors, including TJI joist constructions. The system features insulation installed between floor joists with the heating pipes inserted within diffusion plates fitted above for optimal heat distribution. 

Specifying a system for load-bearing, structural floors 

A structural floor is often part of the foundation of the building and therefore must be strong enough to support significant load. The Forte Grid System is ideal for use with these kinds of floors in new-build construction projects where there is a large floor space to be heated. It utilises an innovative metal gridwork to which the UFH pipes are securely attached before a layer of reinforced concrete is poured.  

How to buy a new water floor heating system  

You can discover more benefits of water floor heating for your home in our buying guide and can purchase a water floor heating system directly from Warmup through our online quote tool. Simply enter a few details of your project and we’ll help you find the best system for your requirements and let you know how much it will cost too. Buying a water system from us also allows you to get it delivered directly to your home, making organising your project easier than ever.  

Underfloor heating installation prices vary project-to-project but you can expect to pay around £200-400 a day for a qualified installer and all of Warmup’s systems come with extensive warranties and our market-leading SafetyNet Installation Guarantee.  

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Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

Warmup Quoting Tools

instant, accurate, flexible

Quoting Tools: instant, accurate, flexible

Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

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