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How Much Does Water Underfloor Heating Cost?  

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Water floor heating systems, also referred to as wet or hydronic floor heating, provide a more energy-efficient heating solution for homes than other traditional heating options and may cost less than you may think. In this guide, we’ll explore how much a new system will cost to purchase for your home whilst also looking at the cost-saving technology of these systems. You’ll find out: 

  • Whether a water UFH system is suitable for your project 
  • How the low running costs of water floor heating can save you money 
  • The precise costs of purchasing a Warmup system 
  • The best systems for different rooms of your home 
  • How much installing a system will cost to install 

Is a water UFH system suitable for my home? 

Water UFH systems heat the people and objects in a room directly from the ground up through a process known as radiant heating. This is a more efficient heating method than central heating systems which will waste energy by simply focusing on heating the air of a space. These systems are an ideal primary heating method for whole homes but they can also be installed to operate in conjunction with other heating systems as a hybrid heating solution for larger projects. They pump gently heated water through circuits of pipework installed within the subfloor of a property or on top of the subfloor within a system’s accompanying panels. Due to these installation requirements, water systems are often recommended for new-build projects with larger floor areas that require an even, consistent heat distribution however the VLo line of low-profile systems are ideal for home renovation projects; having little-to-no impact on your existing floor heights. 

Will a water floor heating system save me money on my energy bills? 

Water floor heating systems offer low long-term running costs. These systems require lower operating temperatures than radiators whilst still producing the same level of warmth in a space, which dramatically improves heat source efficiency for gas-fed boilers and can therefore reduce your heating costs. Using a Smart Thermostat to control your heating can also save you money on your energy bills. Through zoned heating which allows different areas of a property to be heated independently to each other to Warmup’s SmartGeo technology which ensures a space is heated to the right temperature, at the right time, automatically, our range of Smart controls offer a more efficient way to manage your home’s heating needs.  

Water UFH systems can also be used with sustainable, low-carbon heat sources such as biomass boilers and ground and air-source heat pumps. Heat pumps operate best at producing lower temperature water than traditional heat sources and because water floor heating systems also utilise lower temperatures than radiator-based systems, a heat pump-powered UFH system is a fantastic way to both lower your home’s carbon footprint and save significant amounts of money on your energy bills: using a Warmup system with a heat pump and a Smart Thermostat could save you over £700 a year. You can find out more about the savings offered by heating your home with a heat pump-powered floor heating system in our expert article.  

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How much will a water system cost to purchase for my property? 

Water underfloor heating systems are more expensive to purchase and install than electric floor heaters, but their even lower long-term running costs makes the long-term savings offered worth the initial purchase price.  

We offer a wide range of hydronic underfloor heating solutions at different price points – with systems starting at under £40/m² excluding VAT. Each Warmup system is designed for specific project variables with differing installation methods tailored to your home’s needs. The cost of purchasing a Warmup water UFH system will depend on the size of your project, your property’s construction and its levels heat loss. All underfloor heating systems should be installed alongside insulation to ensure that the heat produced by the system doesn’t escape the space, helping to save you even more money on your bills and most of our water systems come with this accompanying insulation. To get a precise costing of how much a new system would be for your home, use our online quoting tool.  

How much will a wet system cost for a living room? 

Larger spaces in the home such as living rooms are perfect for heating with a water floor heating system as the consistent warmth produced will create a truly comfortable space in which to entertain and relax all year round. In our in-depth guide on heating living rooms with underfloor heating, we spotlight the cost of specifying our popular Clypso System. Here, we illustrate how this system installed in a living room with a heated floor area of 20m² would cost just £946.76 + VAT.  

What is the cost of a system for a home extension?  

Thinking about building an extension to increase the square footage of your home? A water underfloor heating system is the ideal choice for these kinds of projects as you can purchase a system to work alongside the existing heating solution of the rest of the property. In our blog post exploring the best heating options for extensions and conservatories, we explore the cost of purchasing a new system for an extension with a heated floor area of 24m². Here, we choose Warmup’s Forte Grid System as it has been specifically designed to be installed within a deep layer of concrete screed – common in extension projects.  The cost of this system alongside our 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat to control it would be just £936.54 + VAT.  

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How much should I expect to pay for water UFH installation? 

Wet systems require a greater level of skill and time to fit, therefore installing a system will cost more than installing an electric system. You can expect to pay an experienced installer around £200 – 300 a day for the installation of your new heating system and the time it will take to install will depend on the scope of your project.  

If you’re interested in installing a wet system in your home, you can find out more about their installation costs in our informative article. Or you can get in touch with our team of experts in the Global Projects Division, who can work with you every step of the way in specifying and installing a water floor heating system in larger-scale projects. 

Thinking of buying a new UFH system? 

If you’d like to know exactly how much a water underfloor heating system will cost for your home, use our quick online quote tool to get a thorough price breakdown. Simply enter the basic details of your project – its room type, the floor area, your location and your preferred system and controller – and we’ll provide you with an instant free quotation. Ready to buy? You can even get your chosen Warmup system delivered straight to your home. 

And if you’re considering an electric floor heating solution for your upcoming project, discover everything you need to know about the costs of these systems in our in-depth guide 

Thinking of installing a new Hydro heating system?

Find out more about installing water underfloor heating systems

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Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

Warmup Quoting Tools

instant, accurate, flexible

Quoting Tools: instant, accurate, flexible

Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

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