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Introducing Ultralight Underfloor Heating Boards – The Next Generation of Insulation

February 13th, 2023 | Choosing a System | underfloor heating
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Installing insulation with your new floor heating system is important in maximising its energy-efficiency. In this guide we’ll show you how Warmup’s Ultralight UFH Board is our most advanced insulation solution yet. You’ll learn:

  • Why insulation is important to use with underfloor heating
  • The 4-in-1 benefits of Ultralight
  • How the Ultralight UFH Board can help save you money
  • Installation tips for Ultralight

How does Ultralight improve the responsiveness of my underfloor heating system?

Insulation is always recommended when installing underfloor heating as it greatly improves the performance of the heating system, promoting quicker heat-up times and reducing heat-loss. Good quality insulation prevents the heat produced by the floor heating system escaping downwards, making sure the radiant warmth stays in the room and with this enhanced efficiency, insulation can also help save you money on your energy bills too.

Our range of hydro UFH systems feature in-built or accompanying insulation whilst our electric heaters can be purchased with supplementary insulation to enhance the energy-saving functionality of floor heating. The Ultralight Underfloor Heating Board is the perfect insulation solution for electric floor heating systems as alongside the typical benefits of UFH insulation, it features advanced heat-spreading and decoupling technology and noise reduction properties too.

The 4-in-1 benefits of Warmup’s Ultralight UFH Board

Ultralight has been designed to focus on four key benefits: insulation, heat-spreading, decoupling and soundproofing. It is made with a multi-layer design that includes aluminium, non-woven fleece, and PEF insulation and provides 50% more even heating and 30% faster heat up times than standard boards.


Ultralight has been constructed using high-quality PEF insulation which can help reduce the heat up times of an electric floor heating system by up to 76 minutes whilst also reducing the energy used up by 69%.


Due to lateral subfloor movement in properties (typically caused by environmental temperature shifts), stone and tiled floor finishes can become cracked over time. The Ultralight UFH Board features an innovative fleece decoupling layer that helps protect tile and grout cracking from this movement.


The multi-layer design of the Ultralight board also utilises an aluminium diffuser layer that reflects the heat produced by your UFH system upwards and spreads it evenly across the floor. With this technology you can rest assured your home will be perfectly heated to your ideal temperature requirements with no hot or cold spots.


Ultralight features soundproofing qualities, meaning your home can enjoy increased levels of peace and quietness. Ultralight’s acoustic performance is comparable to dedicated acoustic products such as rubber and cork without compromising on its insulating, heat spreading or decoupling attributes.

Will Ultralight save me money on my energy bills?

The low-carbon technology of underfloor heating can offer lower long-term running costs compared to more traditional heating systems and by using Ultralight to enhance your system’s performance, you can maximise these cost-savings. With Ultralight you could save up to £16.50 / M2 per year on energy costs.

You can save even more money by using a Smart Thermostat to control your zoned floor heating system, ensuring it runs at the most optimal levels. Warmup’s 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat is packed full of unique features such as automatic heating and remote accessibility and can allow you to save up to 25% on your annual energy bills. Ultralight will boost the impact of the radiant heat effect, 100% efficient electric heating and zoned control of your Warmup system, helping reduce energy use by up to 35%.

How do I install Ultralight insulation?

Ultralight Underfloor Heating Boards are easy to install. They are lightweight whilst also being bigger than traditional insulation boards, so your installer can fit them quicker across your subfloor. Ultralight can be cut in curves or complex shapes with a standard utility knife and their unique construction means they’re also dust-free – making installation cleaner than ever.

Follow these 4 simple steps to install:

  • Clean and dry a level surface
  • Prime with a solvent-free primer
  • Trowel out 1/4″ of flexible, cement-based adhesive
  • Lay boards on fresh grooves with staggered joints.

The Ultralight UFH Board is also only 6mm thick, which means this subfloor insulation solution adds very little additional height to the finished floor, making it ideal to use in home renovation projects. Ultralight is available to purchase from our network of retail partners. If you’re looking to improve your home’s energy performance and save money on your energy bills, get a free instant quote for underfloor heating today.

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Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

Warmup Quoting Tools

instant, accurate, flexible

Quoting Tools: instant, accurate, flexible

Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

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