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Bathroom Underfloor Heating – an Affordable Luxury

July 24th, 2011 | Bathroom Accessories

Warm floors in a bathroom is a coveted luxury, particularly in cold weather. Underfloor heating in bathroom brings more heat to the bathroom and while bathrooms are usually tiled, there are underfloor heating systems to suit almost all types of floor finishes. So if you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, read on for some tips of what to take into account before purchasing a system.


Installation of underfloor heating is a simple process. Careful preparation and closely following manufacturer’s instructions will pre-empt many potential pitfalls. If you are looking to replace the bathroom floor, it is easy to combine installation of the system with the renovation process.

Proper water drainage and waterproofing of the designated area should be ensured for safety’s sake, whilst wiring of the thermostat should also be carried out by a qualified electrician. The type of system suitable for your project will depend on your floor finish, subfloor, and heated floor size. Try our Underfloor Heating Product Selector to find a suitable system.


Other considerations include choosing a system that not only works with your floor finish but also one that is powerful enough to meet your heat requirements for the room in question. For instance, if your wet room is prone to high heat loss, it may be wise to choose a 200W/m2 system for a higher output.

You should conduct a heat loss calculation before getting the system to ensure it meets the heating requirements of your bathroom. Putting down an insulated tile backerboard directly beneath the heater to act as a thermal barrier is also highly recommended. This reduces the heat-up time and makes the system more efficient to run.

If you aren’t sure about what you need to get you bathroom heating project started, contact our expert team to will help you to choose Warmup bathroom underfloor heating and ensure that you have everything you need to make your project go smoothly.


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating from the Worlds Best selling Brand, Warmup, starts from less than £200 and costs less than £20 per year to heat a typical bathroom floor – all with a lifetime warranty”.


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