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Exploring the Versatile Nexxa Water Underfloor Heating System  

Nexxa Water Underfloor Heating System

Looking for a water floor heating system that offers a flexible installation method for a wide range of projects? The Nexxa System could be the ideal choice for your home. In this article, we’ll examine the Nexxa’s updated design by showing you how its choice of panel options provide a bespoke approach for underfloor heating. You’ll learn more about:

  • The Nexxa’s System’s innovative new design
  • The benefits of the Nexxa Peel and Stick System
  • What project type the Nexxa Insulating and Acoustic System has been designed for
  • The best controls for water floor heating
  • How to purchase UFH from Warmup
  • How has the Nexxa System been updated?

As one of our most popular water underfloor heating solutions, the innovative Nexxa System has brought warmth to homes around the world. Designed for use with floating screeded floors, the Nexxa utilises castellated panels which securely hold the accompanying heating pipe in place in an optimal layout, offering a consistent level of warmth with no hot or cold spots. The Nexxa System also requires less screeding than other systems, helping to reduce floor build-up.

Warmup have updated the Nexxa to offer even greater versatility for your next home renovation or new-build project. The Nexxa is now available with three different panel options, each tailored for a specific installation need: the Nexxa System for pre-insulated floors, the Nexxa Peel and Stick System for quick installation times and the Nexxa Insulating and Acoustic System which features soundproofing qualities and is ideal for larger projects.

The Nexxa System can dramatically improve your home’s energy performance, helping to lower your running costs and can be used with both heat pumps and traditional heat sources.

Will the Nexxa water floor heating system raise my floor?

Each of the Nexxa System’s panel options feature differing build heights but the Nexxa System for pre-insulated floating floors is perfect for use in projects where lower floor heights are required. With a slim construction of just 32mm, it is a great choice for home refurbishment projects where restricted ceiling heights can impact the choice of floor heating system. The Nexxa System for pre-insulated floors offers faster heat up times through its 11mm EPS backing and provides thermal separation from the supporting layer.

What type of project is the Nexxa Insulating and Acoustic system suitable for?

The Nexxa Insulating and Acoustic System is a unique water floor heating system that features in-built thermal and acoustic insulation. It has been developed with large-scale projects in mind and is especially suitable for multi-residential buildings where reducing sound transmission between housing units is key. The Nexxa Insulating and Acoustic System has a build height of 51mm which includes 30mm of high-quality insulation material. Its thermal insulation performance meets the requirements of separating floors defined within EN 1264 and ISO 11855 and it will provide 28dB (ΔL W,R) reduction to impact sound.

What are the installation benefits of the Nexxa Peel and Stick System?

If speed of installation is important, then the Nexxa Peel and Stick System could be perfect for you. It uses self-adhesive-backed castellation panels which eradicate the need to wait for the adhesive to dry before laying the heating pipe, providing rapid installation times and a more stable base, with no unintentional lifting when laying the heating pipe. With a low-profile construction of just 21mm, the Nexxa Peel and Stick System allows for a slimline floor build-up with floating screeded floors in homes with existing floor insulation.

How do I control the Nexxa System?

Underfloor heating should be installed alongside system-specific underfloor heating thermostats to provide temperature control and heat scheduling functionality. The Nexxa System is perfect to use with our range of Konekt Wireless Controls which have been specifically developed for use with water floor heating.

Want to find the best controller for your heating system? Read our expert guide to discover all you need to know.

How do I buy a water floor heating system?

You can find the perfect heating system for your home by getting a free online quote. Our quoting tool will help select the most appropriate heating system for requirements, taking into account your subfloor type and floor finish. Water systems can be purchased directly from Warmup and all our systems come with market-leading accreditations and warranties.

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Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

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instant, accurate, flexible

Quoting Tools: instant, accurate, flexible

Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

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