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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a cleaner, smarter way to heat your home. Using radiant heat technology, UFH gently warms the people and objects in the room directly, from the ground up – facilitating a much more energy-efficient method. With over 2.5 million underfloor heating systems (UFH) sold in 72 countries worldwide, Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

Affordable, Sustainable Heating

Affordable, Sustainable Heating

Warmup systems utilise low-carbon technology and can be purchased online or from your local retailer.

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Low Running Costs

The low running costs of floor heating can save you money on your energy bills.

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Lifetime Warranties

Warmup offer market-leading guarantees on all our products for your peace of mind.

A Greener Way to Heat Your Home

Homes heated with underfloor heating are more comfortable and up to 40% more efficient than those using traditional central heating systems. Warmup floor heaters offer a low-carbon heating solution and utilise radiant heat technology to warm people in a space with infrared energy, rather than just warming the air. This means the same feeling of warmth can be achieved with lower temperatures, which reduces heat loss and improves energy-efficiency.

With over 25 years of innovation and expertise, Warmup products have been installed in over 2.5 million homes across the world and are trusted for their high-quality design and market-leading warranties. A Warmup system provides a cleaner, smarter, and often more affordable way to heat your home.


Which System is Best for Me?

Our wide range of sustainable underfloor heating systems bring discreet warmth to your home, no matter the size and scope of your project or your chosen floor finish.

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Electric Systems

Warmup’s electric underfloor heating mats, cables and underfloor heating kits use innovative electric heating technology and are ideal for home renovation projects. They offer rapid installation times and have little-to-no impact on floor heights.

  • ➝ Heating wires connected to mains electricity supply.
  • ➝ Ideal for renovation projects and for use in single rooms.
  • ➝ Rapid installation times.
  • ➝ No increase to floor heights.

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Water Systems

Our range of wet underfloor heating systems are perfect for new-build projects. These systems provide low long-term running costs and utilise an UFH manifold to distribute warm water through pipes installed within the subfloor.

  • ➝ Heating pipes pump water in underfloor circuits.
  • ➝ Recommended for new-build projects and larger spaces.
  • ➝ Lowest long-term running costs.
  • ➝ Compatible with heat pumps and traditional heat sources.

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floor finish types

Floor Types 

We offer heating systems suitable for all floor finishes. The best types of flooring for use with UFH  are those with good thermal conductivity.

Room Types

Floor heaters can be installed in any room of your home. You can also keep outdoor spaces frost-free in the winter with our collection of outdoor heating solutions.


New-Build Projects

If you’re working on a new-build project, floor heating is an ideal heating solution and it’s a great idea to specify UFH as part of your initial architectural plans. 

Retrofit Projects 

Our electric systems and some of our low-profile water heating systems have little impact on floor heights making them perfect for renovation projects.

How Do I Buy an Underfloor Heating System?

Find out more about some of our most popular floor heating systems and use our free online quoting tool to discover how much they will cost for your home. You can bring your electric UFH quote to your nearest Warmup retail partner to purchase your system. Our water systems can be ordered online.

Electric Underfloor Heating

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Heating Mats

Electric underfloor heating mats offer rapid installation times, making them perfect for refurbishments.

From £54.10/m² ex. VAT

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Heating Cables

Electric floor heating cables offer terrific value for money and provide a flexible installation method.

From £53.67/m² ex. VAT

Water Underfloor Heating

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VLo Line for Renovations

Low-profile range of water underfloor heating systems, ideal for home renovation projects.

Water Systems for New-Builds

We offer a wide range of water floor heating solutions for off-plan specification.

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How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Underfloor heating is up to 40% more energy-efficient than traditional heating methods. Our systems utilise radiant heat technology to warm the objects and people in a room directly from the ground up, as opposed to radiators which waste energy by primarily focusing on heating just the air of the space.  

There are two types of radiant floor heaters: electric and water systems (also known as water or wet systems). An electric floor heating system uses electric heating mats or cables to radiantly heat the floors and are connected to your mains electricity source. Water systems pump gently warmed water through heating pipes installed beneath the floor finish and can be used with boilers and heat pumps.  

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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Design Freedom – underfloor heating systems offer an ‘invisible’ heating solution, with no exposed pipework needed.  

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective – floor heating can help you save 30% on your annual heating costs.  

Smart Thermostat Compatibility – Warmup’s Smart thermostats can reduce your energy usage by 25% and are compatible with your existing Smart Home technology.   

Maintenance Free – floor heating systems offer a hassle-free, low-maintenance heating option. 

Compatible with All Types of Flooring – radiant underfloor heating can work with your existing or new floor finish. 

Ease of Installation – Warmup systems are trusted for their high-quality construction and smooth installation process, with market-leading warranties for all products.  

Air Quality – radiant heating solutions keep the air fresh and won’t contribute to the circulation of dirt or debris. 

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Underfloor Heating Installation

Many of our underfloor heating systems offer a hassle-free installation and we can recommend a qualified electrician or plumber to install a Warmup system for you.

Electric underfloor heating systems are quick to install, with some of our heaters taking under a day to fit. Wet underfloor heating systems are more labour intensive to install but are perfect if you’re building your dream home.

Our heaters feature extensive warranties and all products come with our renowned SafetyNet installation Guarantee which protects against accidental damage during the installation process. Warmup also provide 24/7 365 days-a-year customer support for your peace of mind.

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Cost of Underfloor Heating

Due to their energy-efficient technology, floor heaters offer lower long-term running costs than traditional heating systems – significantly reducing the cost of your energy bills.

Electric floor heating systems are an affordable way to bring radiant warmth to your home whereas water systems may cost more to purchase and install but their unique design means they can provide even lower long-term running costs.

The cost of installing underfloor heating is dependent on a range of variables, from the system you have chosen and the size of your project to your location and the rates of the tradespeople in your area.

Enhancing the Energy-Efficiency of Your Heating System

Installing a Warmup UFH system alongside our insulation products and heating controls can help your home’s energy-efficiency rating and assist in dramatically lowering your energy bills.

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Floor Heating Controls

A Warmup thermostat maximises the energy efficiency of your floor heater and can help cut down on heating bills.

ultralight insulation


Warmup Insulation dramatically reduces heat-loss, keeping the warmth inside the room – saving you money.

Underfloor Heating FAQ's

Is an electric or water system better for me?

Warmup offer both electric and water (also known as hydronic or wet) floor heaters. Typically, we recommend specifying electric systems for smaller home refurbishment projects and water systems for new-build or larger renovation projects.

Will installing a system help with my home’s interior design?

With no bulky radiators or exposed piping taking up valuable wall and floor space, UFH provides an ‘invisible’ heating solution. It allows you to have much greater freedom with your interior design so you can really make your home a sanctuary with no style compromises.

Will a floor heater help to improve the air quality of my home?

Replacing your central heating system with a floor heater can assist in removing the potential stuffiness from a room, as underfloor heating never overheats a space. Radiators also tend to circulate dust around a room whereas floor heating does not – giving you cleaner, clearer air.

Can I control a floor heater remotely?

All systems should be controlled by a zone-dedicated underfloor heating thermostat and using one of our advanced Smart Thermostats allows remote access to your heating system via the MyHeating app. This innovative technology also provides automatic heat functionality, enhanced energy-efficiency and cost savings.

How much can I expect to save with underfloor heating?

With low running costs, your floor heater will help pay for itself in the long-run and to maximise on the energy-efficiency of floor heating, be sure to install your system alongside one of our award-winning thermostats. Using a Warmup system with our 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat and its accompanying Smartphone apps can help you save 30% a year on your energy bills. Use our Running Costs Calculator to see how much you could expect to save.

Will my heater be compatible with my other Smart technology?

Alongside using a Warmup Smart Thermostat and or Smartphone apps, you can also control your floor heating system using other Smart technology in your home such as Voice Assistants.

Is Warmup underfloor heating low maintenance?

Once installed, underfloor heating requires little-to-no maintenance. If a failure does occur, our systems come with extensive warranties and we operate an unparalleled after-sales customer service with technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I use a combination of heating systems in my home?

Yes, you can. You can install floor heaters as your primary heating system in your whole house or as a secondary form of heating in just one or two rooms with the rest of the space heated by the existing central heating system. You can also consider installing a hybrid heating solution of both warm water and electric underfloor heating systems in the same project. Our systems provide a responsive zoned heating solution, meaning multiple systems can be split to separative ‘zones’ – allowing precision heating for individual areas.

Can I use UFH with heat pumps and other heat sources?

Our collection of water floor heating systems are perfect to install with sustainable heat sources such as ground and air-source heat pumps and biomass boilers.

Can I install underfloor heating without raising the floor?

Absolutely! Our electric heating systems would be the best choice. Our systems have been designed with a revolutionary, very thin heating element (only 1.8mm) to allow you to install the system without raising the floor height.

Further Questions?

If you have any more questions about underfloor heating, check out our Questions and Answers section to find the answer you need.

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Warmup offers an extensive range of electric and water floor systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects.

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  • ✓ Great for renovations

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