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Warmup Insulation Boards: Preparing for the Installation of Floor Heating

How to install the Warmup Insulation boards 

Determine how you will be laying out your insulation boards in advance, based on your layout.

Cut the boards to size  with a Stanley knife.

Installation onto concrete floors

It is important to remove all traces of adhesives, glues, contamination, etc. When installing over a new concrete base, make sure that it has been properly cured before installation.

The board should be fixed to the concrete base using a flexible tile adhesive, stagger all the joints in a brick like fashion. Ensure that there are no voids and the boards and tape the joints with Warmup glass fibre tape.

For waterproof applications you will need to seal the joints using a silicone sealant.

Installation onto timber floors

Existing floor boards must be structurally sound and if necessary, smoothed with a latex/cement self levelling compound. Secure the boards to the base using screws and washers, 12 screws per board( 3 rows of 4 ). The screw washer should be tightened into the board flush with the surface of the board. Stagger all the joints in a brick like fashion and tape the joints using the Warmup glass fibre tape.

For waterproof applications you will need to seal the joints  and screw holes using a silicone sealant. 

Please consult the installation manual for more information.

Check out the below video on installing Insulation Boards: