Electric Underfloor Heating

How to Install Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating systems have become increasingly popular in both new builds as well as retrofitting onto existing subfloors. If you’ve decided that underfloor heating is the preferred solution for your project and that an electric system is the route to take, read on. This article provides you with an overview of the various types available, the differences between them and focuses after that more in-depth on the electric underfloor heating mats.

Is Electric Underfloor Heating Safe?

Electric underfloor heating offers energy-efficient warmth for your home with quick installation times. Because electric systems use mains-connected electricity, it is understandable that you may have some queries about the safety of installing a system as part of your upcoming refurbishment project. In this guide we’ll review the many ways in which Warmup’s electric floor …

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Installing Underfloor Heating in an Existing House

A frequently asked question is whether it is possible to refit underfloor heating to an existing floor. The terms ‘refit’ and ‘retrofit’ get often confused and in most cases people mean retrofitting. We are here to bring clarity to the suitability of underfloor heating with either type of home improvement, refitting and retrofitting, and to answer all questions you may have in regards with them.

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