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Dual Overlay is a free-floating subfloor for use with the Foil Heater under carpet, vinyl and linoleum floor finishes or a complete electric underfloor heating solution perfect for softer floor finishes.

What is the purpose of the Dual Overlay System?

The Warmup Dual Overlay is a free-floating system designed for use over the Warmup underfloor heating foil heaters. Its purpose is to give a smooth and seamless subfloor, suitable for soft and resilient floor finishes, such as vinyl and carpet.

Can the top boards of the Warmup Dual Overlay be laid straight down onto base boards following the same pattern?

The top boards stick directly to the base boards. However, it needs to be ensured that each layer is laid out with staggered joints and arranged so that the top boards overlap the joints in the base board. This ensures a stable floating floor on top of the underfloor heating foil heaters.

Can I use other Warmup Heaters with the Underlay/ Dual Overlay?

The Warmup Underlay / Dual Overlay systems are designed to work specifically with Warmup Foil Heaters only.

How is Dual Overlay sold?

Each pack contains: 4 base boards & 4 top boards and covers 2.88m² of flooring.

Is the Dual Overlay fixed to the subfloor?

The Warmup® Dual Overlay is a floating subfloor – it is not fixed to the floor below. The system includes a 3mm  base board and a 4mm top board with contact adhesive, which bonds them together to make one solid subfloor, It provides a smooth and seamless subfloor making it suitable for soft and resilient […]

What are the Dual Overlay board made from?

The Dual Overlay is an MDF board with an interactive adhesive that fixes the top board to the base board. See the full technical specification of the dual overlay boards.

How do I cut the Dual Overlay boards?

The boards can easily be cut using a utility knife.

Can the Dual Overlay be used in wet areas?

The dual overlay system is not suitable for use in wet areas due to the composition of the boards. If installing vinyl into a wet area an alternative underfloor heating system will need to be installed. The Loose Wire or StickyMat system can be used in this situation but must be covered by a 10mm self-levelling […]

What flooring can the Dual Overlay system be used under?

The dual overlay system is designed for use with Carpet and Vinyl flooring. The overlay boards must not be used with tiles or wood flooring, please see the technical specification sheet for more information.

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