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Foil underfloor heating is an ideal heater for larger areas and for use with floating floors such as laminate, vinyl, engineered wood, and carpet. Simple to install, the Foil Heater delivers a consistent heat distribution with the thermal properties of the reinforced aluminum foil used in the heater helping to spread the heat evenly. Comes with a 15-Year warranty.

Can the foil heater be used under tiles?

No – the foil heater is designed for use under floating floors only. Tiles are fixed to the sub floor using tile adhesive and a suitable system will be required such as the DWS, SPM (Stickmat) or the DCM-PRO system. Click here for further information on these systems.  

Can the foil heater be installed under a glued wood floor ?

The Foil heater is designed to be installed under floating wood floors only. If installing a wood floor involves using a adhesive or glue a alternative system will be required. The Warmup DWS loose wire or Sticky mat system can be used for wood flooring that is to be glued. The heater should be covered […]

What if I damage the Foil Heater during / after installation?

If the foil heater is damaged during installation there are number of options available: 1) Safety Net Warranty If the heater is damaged during installation you can return the heater to Warmup and we will replace the heater free of charge for the same size model. (The warranty covers one heater per household/installer, please see […]

Do you need to use grounding nets with the Foil Heater?

No – the Foil Heaters are completely earthed, and can be installed without any additional grounding nets. The foil layer acts as a continuous earth and it is important that it is kept intact. See the foil installation manual for further information. Also check out the video on installing the Foil Heater below:

Can the Foil Heater be used in wet areas?

 Yes, the Foil Heater has an Ip rating of X7, making the system suitable  for use in wet areas when used with wood flooring. As with all underfloor heating installations the Foil heater must be protected by a 30mA RCD at all times. Please note: This does not apply if using the foil heaters in […]

Can I use one thermostat to control multiple Foil Heaters ?

Yes, but all heaters being controlled by thermostat must be installed within the same room/zone. Each thermostat can control up to 16 amps of heating and maximum of two heaters can be wired directly into the back of the thermostat. If installing more than two heaters connect in parallel via a junction box. Check out […]

Can the Foil underfloor heater be cut and turned?

Yes in some instances, you may need to cut and turn the mats to suit the shape of the room. However, it is essential that you not cut, twist or kink the heating element. Watch our installation video for more guidance:

Can the Foil Heater be used with Carpet or Vinyl?

The Foil heater can be used with carpet and vinyl but must be installed in conjunction with the Warmup Dual Overlay System. Under no circumstances should the final floor covering be fitted directly on top of the foil heater. Installing the foil system under these types of soft floor finishes will result in damage to […]

What types of Flooring can the Foil Heaters be used under?

The Foil Heater can be installed with floating wood floors. If the flooring is being glued down  an alternative system will need to be installed. As a general rule the wood flooring should be no thicker than 18mm and able to  withstand temperatures up to 27 °C. It is important to check with the manufacturer that […]

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