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What if I damage the Foil Heater during / after installation?

If the foil heater is damaged during installation there are number of options available:

1) Safety Net Warranty

If the heater is damaged during installation you can return the heater to Warmup and we will replace the heater free of charge for the same size model. (The warranty covers one heater per household/installer, please see full safety net warranty term and conditions).

2) Warmup Repair Kit

A repair kit is available to order if you wish to repair the damaged heating element. Please bear in mind that if a repair has been carried out by a non- warmup engineer, the lifetime warranty will no longer apply.

3) Warmup Engineers

Warmup offers a nationwide fault-finding and repair service if the electric underfloor heating system has been damaged during or after installation of the finish floor.

With the use of specialist equipment, the engineers are able trace damage to the heating element and were possible repair the cable.

All repairs carried out by Warmup Engineer’s  carry a five-year warranty.

Please contact Warmup support for further information.