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DCM-PRO is the fastest solution for the installation of a heated decoupling system in all areas, installing electric underfloor heating in minutes with less tile adhesive.

How does the DCM-PRO cable fit into the DCM-PRO mat?

The DCM-PRO cable clips into the castellations of the DCM-PRO mat. No tools are required when installing the cable into the mat. It is easily installed by running your thumb along the top of the cable to guide it into the castellations. Check out the DCM-PRO installation video below showing how this is done:

Can the DCM-PRO system reduce the risk of my tiled floor developing cracks?

As a decoupling system, the DCM-PRO’s anti-fracture membrane has been designed to absorb the normal lateral movement which occurs when the subfloor and finished floor expand and contract at different rates; a common cause of cracked floor tiles. This has been backed up with a High Performance rating for crack isolation, as externally tested according […]

What if I damage the DCM-PRO during / after installation?

If you damage the DCM-PRO cable during installation there are number of options available. 1) Safety Net Warranty If the DCM-PRO is damaged during installation you can return the heater to Warmup and it will  be replaced the free of charge for the same size model. (The warranty covers one heater per household/installer, please see […]

What floor finishes can be used with the DCM-PRO System?

The DCM-PRO system can be used with all floor types as long as they are suitable for use with underfloor heating. Floor tiles can be laid directly onto the DCM-PRO system using tile adhesive. Other floor finishes will need to be covered by a 10mm layer of self-levelling compound before installing the final floor finish.

Can the DCM-PRO be used in wet rooms?

The DCM-PRO system can be used as a waterproofing layer with the addition of the DCM-PRO Waterproofing Tape, IPX7 Check out the installation video below for a guide on how to do this:

Why is the DCM-PRO mat not sticking to the subfloor?

The DCM-PRO mat must be installed onto a freshly cleaned, smooth flat surface, free of dust. ah4> A SBR primer must be used if installing directly onto a concrete or timber subfloor. Make sure that you press the mat firmly in place to ensure the pressure sensitive adhesive makes full contact and securely binds the […]

When should you use an SBR based primer with DCM-PRO?

An SBR based primer should be used when installing the DCM-PRO mat directly onto a timber or concrete base. It is not necessary to us the SBR primer when installing onto a  the Warmup insulation boards. Please  refer to the installation manual for further information.

Where do I place the floor probe when installing the DCM-PRO ?

The floor probe for the Warmup thermostat should placed centre of two element heating runs at least 300mm into the heated area. Ensure that the floor probe does not touch or cross any of the heating cables. Feel free to cut or chisel a channel into the insulation or sub-floor to avoid the sensor probe from […]

When should I check my resistance readings for the DCM-PRO cables?

Outlined description of when to test your DCM-PRO cable and why you should do it.

How do I install the DCM-PRO Factory Joint?

This page explains the positioning of the factory joint to ensure a successful installation of your Warmup heating system.

How long is the cold lead on the DCM-PRO Cable?

The conductor cores and ground braid of the 10′ cold lead are factory joined in a water resistant joint assembly to each supply conductor and ground conductor of the unheated lead.

What spacing should my DCM-PRO Cable be?

This page explains the DCM-PRO spacing guidelines and recommendations.

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