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The Loose Wire System is designed for use within the adhesive layer under tiles or within a leveling compound under other floor finishes. The Warmup Loose Wire (also known as DWSWire) suits irregularly shaped rooms and rooms with many fixtures, since the heating cable can simply be maneuvered on the subfloor around fixtures with ease.

Is there a video guide for installing the Electric Floor Heating Mat?

Watch Warmup Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Installation To view a demonstration, watch our video on heating mat installation. 

When can I turn my underfloor heating on?

The underfloor heating should not be activated until the adhesive or screed layer has fully cured. This can be anything from 7-28 days depending on the thickness of the adhesive/screed . If the heating is switched too early this can fast dry the adhesive which may result in cracking.

Should I use primer with the Loose Wire System?

If the heating element is being laid directly onto a plywood or concrete subfloor, use the primer supplied. Leave to dry for 2-3 hours until tacky, then lay the heating element. If an insulated or standard tile backer board is being used, no primer is needed. We recommend you use Warmup Insulation Boards. Check out […]

What can I do if the heater is too big for my area?

The heating wire in some of our heaters can be adjusted to better fit the space in which it is to be installed. The Loose Wire system gives you the flexibility to alter the wire spacing. The spacings between each run of heating element can be brought down to a minimum of 50mm and a […]

Can I use the Warmup Loose Wire System as a primary heat source?

If your room is well insulated and complies with modern insulation levels you should be able to use Warmup as the sole heat source. However, if your house is an older property with lower insulation properties it is likely that an additional heat source may be required. Heat loss calculations can be carried out by […]

What if I damage the Loose Wire Heater during / after installation?

If the heater is damaged during installation there are number of options available. 1) Safety Net Warranty If the heater is damaged during installation you can return the heater to Warmup and we will replace the heater free of charge for the same size model. (The warranty covers one heater per household/ installer, please see […]

Can more than one Loose Wire System be controlled by the same thermostat?

Yes, but all heaters being controlled by thermostat must be installed within the same room/ zone. Each thermostat can control up to 16 amps of heating. A maximum of two heaters can be wired directly into the back of the thermostat, if installing more than two heaters connections should be made via a junction box.

Can I use the Loose Wire System with floor coverings other than tiles?

Yes, it is possible to use the Loose Wire system under floor coverings other than tiles. The Loose Wire range is specifically designed for use under tiles but by covering the wires with a 10mm self levelling compound it is possible to use the Loose Wire system with other floor coverings, such as wood or […]

Can I use an Ditra matting with the DWS cable ?

Warmup now offers our own DCM-PRO cable, which is a custom designed cable compatible with all uncoupling membranes.

What type of adhesive should I use with my Warmup system?

This page explains the type of thinset recommended and installation methods.

Can I install my Warmup system directly on top of plywood?

This page outlines installation recommendations when installing over a plywood sub-floor.

Can a wooden floating floor be installed directly over the Warmup DWS or Stickymat system?

This page discusses installation methods required for installing a Warmup heating system under a floating wood floor.

Can I cut the Electric Floor Heating System if I have too much?

This page explains why Warmup does not recommend you cut the wire for any reason and provides solutions to having too much cable.

How do I install the factory joint which is thicker than the heater wire?

If it is not installed in the floor, the joint may give and your system will no longer work. Not only will your warranty be voided but you will have to repair the joint and place it back into the floor. The joint connects the heated wire to the unheated lead. NEVER leave the factory joint exposed to air and do not place it in or behind the wall.

What are the electrical requirements for my Warmup system?

Please verify that the circuit can handle the amount of amperage your heating system requires. Your thermostat can only handle up to 15 amps so if you are connecting multiple heaters to one thermostat location, you may need to use a relay and a larger breaker. Your or your electrician can find out the amperage rating of your specific floor heating system in installation manual or printed on the box. Note: Just because the Warmup thermostats are dual voltage, this does not mean you can supply any voltage to your heating system. You must supply the voltage supplied to the voltage of your specific heater.

Why is my floor not reaching the temperature set?

If your heating system was installed on a concrete slab or over an unheated space and insulation boards were not used, it is possible that the heat loss into the subfloor will cause your floors to heat up more slowly and possibly not reach the target temperature. Click “Read More” for details.

Can my floor sensor be extended?

Yes, please click “Read More” for details.

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